DWTS Season 25, Week 6 – Who’s Dancing What…and When?

Couldn’t find the press release this week, so I got these from DWTSGossip. I also didn’t have time to look and see if these songs are actually associated with movies, or if they were given a song/dance style and then the movie genre to work within. I’m thinking this MIGHT be better than giving them an actual movie. We’ve had some crap ass Movie nights when too many of the movies just didn’t work. Anyway…

Winners: Lindsey has done a bit of AT with the master, Derek, so she might have a bit of leg up, depending on how much AT he actually taught her in their 3 hours of rehearsal. Frankie doing Jazz should be a good thing – no rules and all that.

Losers: Oy veh – Nick and rumba?? Should be a disaster. Nikki gets “foreign” as a genre? Hosed. First she gets the Disney song no one knows and now this? Sheesh.

Everyone else is probably fine. I wonder if they’ll all get 24. 🙂

ETA: The dance order from George. I expect Lindsey and Jordan must have killer dances to have the last two spots. George also had a bit of tea…

Nikki Bella and Artem – Argentine Tango (Song: “Derniere Danse” by Indila (Foreign))
Dancing 1st

Drew Scott and Emma – Paso Doble (Song: “Legend” by The Score (Action))
Dancing 2nd

Nick Lachey and Peta – Samba (Song: “Wild Wild West” by Dru Hill, Will Smith & Kool Mo Dee (Western))
Dancing 3rd

Victoria Arlen and Val – Paso Doble (Song: “We Will Rock You” by Queen (Sports))
Dancing 4th

Terrell Owens and Cheryl – Jive (Song: “Feel it Still” by Portugul. The Man (Spy))
Dancing 5th

Frankie Muniz and Whitney – Jazz (Song: “Holly Rock” by Sheila E. (Animation))
Dancing 6th

Vanessa Lachey and Maks – Quickstep (Song: “Let’s be Bad” from Smash (Musical))
Dancing 7th

Jordan Fisher and Lindsay – Rumba (Song: “Supermarket Flowers” by Ed Sheeran (Drama))
Dancing 8th

Lindsey Stirling and Mark – Argentine Tango (Song: “Human” by Sevdaliza (Sci-Fi))
Dancing 9th