Dancing with the Stars Season 25, Week SIX – LIVE BLOG

Saw a few comments about the running order – you all need to realize that it’s much more than getting Pimped or getting screwed. Jordan and Lindsey are the two best dancers this season without question…so they are likely to close the show more often.

ALSO, when we studied running order, 3rd and 4th were the worst spots to get…NOT FIRST. Early in the season they were underscoring the first dancer, so that sucked, but the last two weeks that has changed.

Gee, so surprised to see Val featured in the first many seconds of the show. :::rolls eyes::: He’s still not an actor. I guess all that sucking up to Mandy worked.

Shania looking good!! Except for the featuring of Val that was a good opener.

Oy vey gotta convey the theme in your dance. Sounds like an excuse to low ball.

This song sucks for an AT. Nikki had trouble with her legs for the first few weeks but it looks like Artem’s been working on them. Seems they lost their balance there at one point, but it was a decent dance. I blame the song more than Artem or Nikki for the issues I have with it.

Nikki and Artem get a 36 and are declared safe.


And we’re going to do Jeopardy/Safe old style…

Drew and Emma – SAFE

Frankie and Witney – SAFE

First couple in jeopardy – Nick and Peta

Terrell and Cheryl – Jeopardy

Victoria and Val – Jeopardy

Drew and Emma are up next with the Action genre. And Drew is a corn dog. 🙂

Paso time. He may be a corn dog but he is a handsome one. Love the leather trench. He’s actually doing very well with this dance. A bit off sync in one spot, but over all a great job. Emma did a fantastic job with that choreo and Drew REALLY got into his role. That was very good and very entertaining!!

Judges kinda full of crap, IMO. Wonder if Drew is doing too well in the votes…

Drew gets a 7, 7, 9, 7 for a 30, if my math is working…

Nick and Peta up next. Dude, you’re not a dancer. Some people aren’t. Sometimes hard work won’t get you there. Don’t beat yourself up. Peta isn’t great at the pep talk right now, is she.

Mistake to have troupers in the routine with a guy who isn’t a dancer. He’s too stiff and awkward and those pro boys aren’t going to dance down to his level the way some might.

He really didn’t pull off any actual Samba did he? That dance wasn’t even close to Drew or Nikki but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get the same or higher score than Drew. Which will suck.

I think Len might actually be right. He does look okay in the solo parts. Shania needs to pick up the pace. And he gets a 26 – happy the judges prove me wrong.

Victoria and Val next with their sports theme – interesting that they got the statistically worst spot in the running order. I figure putting them in jeopardy will make up for any running order crap.

Yeah, I’m sure there is a call for shirtless zamboni drivers.

Paso to Queen with a sports theme. Good think Victoria told us it was in Mighty Ducks, cuz I wouldn’t have known.

Oh my eyes. Stop. They workin’ hard for Val this week.

You can tell she has trouble with her legs – just not sharp enough. It was actually a pretty good dance although the choreo was pretty “basic”. LOL. To use one of Val’s own words against him.

And CAI begins to slobber. Len likes the concept but notes she needs to be a bit stronger with her hands. Shania kind of blathers again. She did pick up the pace a bit. Bruno liked it, of course. He does give her some critique though thank god.

Victoria, for the love of god, TALK so Val can’t!!

Shania handed out the good score, but 31 out of 40 won’t put her at the top of the leader board.

Terrell has Jive to a spy theme?? Seems like two things that don’t go together. Terrell is growing on me, I have to say. Pretty funny bit with him disguised as a wall. 🙂

He got off to a rough start but I think he’s finding his groove there in the wood paneled room. I think the moving back and forth between “rooms” and such was probably a mistake – and not one I would expect Cheryl to make. Makes me wonder how much production “help” she got this week.

Len says his best dance?? I don’t think I agree with that assessment. His MMY dance was fantastic. All the judges seem to like it. I ain’t mad about that. 🙂

Three 9s and a 10 for that dance??? WTF?? It was a good dance, for sure, but it wasn’t a 9 or a 10 in my book. Overscored. I wonder if he’s going home now. I have to say I’ll be pissed if so.

Lip syncing, I do believe. Derek did Lip Sync battle the other night against Nicole Scherzinger and the theme was Shania Twain…I suspect both did a better job at lip syncing to her. 🙂

Frankie and Witney up next with Animation/Jazz. Frankie does good animation. Witney is cracking me up.

Entertaining dance from Frankie although not as impressive as in weeks past. He had a couple timing issues but he sure sells it. I’m glad it looked like something other than barely disguised ballroom with some lifts thrown in, which is what we get from Maks and Val.

Judges are right that there were a few mishaps in the dance – unfortunately I saw at least three. 31 out of 40 – I don’t think that dance was better than Drew’s, not at all. :::sigh:::

More safe/jeopardy news…

SAFE – Jordan and Lindsay

Lindsey and Mark – SAFE

Vanessa and Maks – SAFE

Vanessa and Maks are up next with a Musical Quickstep.

Smile Vanessa!! It’s just a wardrobe malfunction, not a big deal.

Breaking hold in the middle of the dance – should be a huge penalty. It would be for anyone else except Val. Yes, even on a theme week.

Besides that hold breaking, it was a pretty darn good dance. Vanessa has always been someone who could stay for a while, if not for Maks.

The judges gush and not a word abut the massive rule breaking. She gets straight 9s across the board. But they don’t play favorites. :::rolls eyes:::

Jordan and Lindsay up with a Drama themed…was it rumba?? Lindsay looks stunning. And Jordan is no slouch.

Wow. That was a pretty perfect rumba, particularly for a male celebrity. WELL DONE. Best dance of the night so far. Excellent. Anyone else see Cheryl going crazy over it in the skybox.

CAI calls it with how he moves his body. Len is going to get nitpicky with Jordan after Maks and Vanessa break hold in a Quickstep. That’s why this show is a farce at times.

39 out of 40 for Jordan and Lindsay.

Yay!!! We get Crazy!Mark once again. I’ve missed his wild-eye wacky. 😀

Fun package. 🙂

Mark shows all the other pros on this season how to choreograph an AT to a song that isn’t really appropriate. And that was pretty damn excellent. Brilliant work. Wacky, creepy, very AT-y. Just excellent. Kick ass. Amazing.

And she pulls out a perfect score. And all is right with the world.


Next couple safe is – Victoria and Val (come on, that was BS jeopardy designed to pump up her votes).

Eliminated couple: Nick and Peta. As expected, although I confess that I was worried by TO’s high scores for a dance that wasn’t as great as they would imply.