PureDWTS Season 25, Week 7 – *SPOILERS* The Team Dances!!!

Bear with me, friends, as I’m getting incomplete info and trying to type this out on my iPhone without my glasses, which I left at the office…wuh wuh wuhhhh.

Apparently they went a completely different route picking the captains this time – Drew is one of the captains, and Terrell is the other, which leads me to think they went with lowest cumulative score instead of highest this time around. No, I don’t know which order they picked in, so do not assume the order the couples are listed is somehow indicative of picking order. All I know is that the dances are freestyles again…will update if/when I know more.

First impressions? I think Terrell’s team has a ginormous edge – and I think if the Chmerkovskiys are wise, they’ll let Emma and Witney have input.

UPDATE: Added songs, and grabbed Drew’s team name from a Snapchat someone tweeted me. About 90% sure Drew got to pick first and chose to pick music, which would have given Terrell first pick of team members.

UPDATE #2: There’s some pix of the teams at People – although I will point out that Maks was actually referring to his team as “Phantom of the Ballroom” and not “Phantom of the Opera” on Instagram/Snapchat.

Team Phantom of the Ballroom (song: “Theme from Phantom of the Opera”)

Drew & Emma (captain)

Frankie & Witney

Vanessa & Maks

Victoria & Val

Team Monster Mash (Song: “Monster Mash”)

Terrell & Cheryl (captain)

Lindsey & Mark

Jordan & Lindsay

Nikki & Artem


Note: These are two different polls. The team you think has the edge isn’t necessarily the one that will win. 🙂