Dancing with the Stars Season 25, Week SEVEN – LIVE BLOG

Welp, my cable is out so I need to find a stream right quick. :::sigh:::  And I was looking forward to the opening.

Also, I was carving pumpkins all afternoon so I don’t have the dance order. I’ll try to do that here in a moment. 🙂

Here we go….fingers crossed for Lindsey although it sounds like she’s in. Hopefully.

Fun Opening number! I enjoyed it.

Wow, Val admitting he’s had ringers?? He started off by bragging that victoria can get past Jordan and Lindsey. :::sigh::: Always making excuses for not winning.

Pretty dance from Victoria and Val…kinda confused by the lack of a Halloween theme other than the tombstones. Strange. But very pretty. Len loves it of course. Since that was a 9 dance I expect her to get 10s.

Judges prove me wrong for a change and Victoria gets a 27. That seems fair.

And Jordan almost chokes on his vampire teeth.

Damn, he looks good with the pros. And he’s hitting that Paso just right.

Okay, that’s the best Paso I’ve seen in quite some time. Choreo was great, well done by Jordan. Which body part will they criticize this week??

Bruno calls it insanely good and I would agree. Uh oh, CAI getting ready to be an ass. Let’s hope she proves me wrong. Okay, she says she likes it, but she’s got that crap tone of voice she does when she doesn’t WANT to say it’s good. And Len likes it too. Whew!

Love those ghosty 10 paddles…all three of them. 😉

Nikki and Arten up next with their Jive. I really like Nikki – hope she’s safe tonight.

Artem did a good job incorporating Halloween into this Jive. She lost a step there but over all she’s doing a good job. Her legs are still a bit too soft. Did I see Britt make a mistake. Something looked off over there….

CAI, of course, saw way more mistakes than there probably were. Len says it lacked a bit of punch – I think he’s seeing her legs being a bit soft. She’s had that issue from the beginning, but it’s relatively small at this point.

I think Artem IS having a good time this season and I’m happy for him. A 24 is fine – Artem is happy with it. Maybe there were that many mistakes. 🙂

Vanessa and Maks are up next. She looks very pretty. Annnddd….Maks talks Lindsey and Jordan, but at least he has enough sense to not be throwing shade.

Zombies!! Yay!! I like Straight Hair Maks. That was a weird walking section and now there was too much that was sans Paso. This song isn’t doing her any favors or Maks just didn’t choreograph it hard enough. When I think Paso, I think Jordan’s style dance. This one didn’t suck though, for sure.

Len is saying what I just said – it was lacking Paso choreography – too true. A bit too much fucking around. It’s the two extremes of the C-Boys – Val had like no production, Maks had too much. All in all though, his production was good, compared to what he might normally do.

Vanessa gets a 24. I actually think the dance was better than a 24, but not by a ton. They could have given her one 9. She danced what she was given well, IMO.

Terrell is really growing on me week by week…and he’s LOVING his vampire teeth. 🙂

The dance isn’t up to the standard of anyone else who’s danced thus far. His hold is pretty good, but he’s got a few issues – not as polished as the previous dancers.

Bruno raved, CAI is draping her critique and praise…this score will be interesting. I’m wondering if he’s getting the votes and Vanessa and Nikki aren’t and the judges are making sure they reflect the audience. You know they like to be right.

TO gets a 25. Hmmm…

LOL Sasha. Such a bad boy.

Damn, Lindsey and Mark’s costumes are insanely good.

Again, LOL to Sasha. I love Frankie’s non-reaction. “That’s stupid”. LOL.

Judging by the comments on this post and by twitter – I’m being very kind today. 🙂

Lindsey and Mark!! Displaced a rib…we’ve had that injury a lot on this show. Poor Lindsey.

I wish I could pull off the Pixie hair. But alas…

She’s has a couple weird spots but they look like Choreography. Very had to tell. But over all an excellent dance…could probably be a bit more in sync in spots but she is hurt.

CAI is very impressed (as am I). Len is a fan, although he wasn’t “keen” on parts of it. He just named MANY parts that he did love. So, weird.

Lindsey gets a 27…the dance, score and package should keep her safe next week, I do believe.

That was a fun bumper. Nice.

Next up…Frankie and Witney. With creepy contact lenses. I like how involved he’s becoming. Good for him!!

Oh, the horror movie route. Yes.

Wow…this was actually a very cool concept. Very scary and I think Frankie may have found his dance style. That was quite good. Creepy as hell too.

Agree with Len when he calls it fantastic. And with Bruno when he says it was inspired. I also agree with CAI when she says it was mesmerizing.

Frankie gets a well deserved perfect score. That was a damn good dance.

Drew and Emma up next. Don’t know what to make of Len’s critique from last week. He gets a good package as well. If he’s safe it should help him.

This is a very cute concept as well. Love the dancing skeletons. He’s having some very minor timing issues but overall he’s keeping up very well and…well, there was a weird spot there, but I think it was choreographed. So hard to tell during these themes.

The judges are digging it. He’s actually a decent dancer – he’s just so freakin’ tall that he has to be more perfect than anyone else just to match up to them. Very curious to see if he’s safe.

And the weird spot I saw WAS a fall. And Drew gets a 27 out of 30. Good job.

Team dances up next!!

So, Alfonso, Kelly Monaco and Corbin are all going to be dancing next week as part of the trios. Interesting. I wonder if this means Frankie is safe???

Monster Mash is on the stage and….

First couple safe is: Jordan and Lindsay.

Terrell and Cheryl – in Jeopardy.

Lindsey and Mark – Safe!!

Nikki and Artem – in Jeopardy.

FYI…Mark’s costume is creepy as hell. Lindsey taking the lead on choreo, at least of part of it.

All those moving parts are dangerous. Fingers crossed.

Opening was fantastic. Nikki had some issues, but covered well, I think. LOVE the concept, with the pros all being the “monsters” and the celebs being prom goers. Or some such thing. The four couples together were excellent in the middle.

The twists section also excellent. Damn, that whole dance was VERY GOOD. Well done. Loved it.

Len is on crack. Only Nikki was “messy”. Bruno is not loving it either. I’m in bizarro world here. I’m wondering if someone on the other team needs to be saved.

They get a 24 our of 30…I seriously feel like this was underscored. Is this where they bring Victoria and Vanessa back into the game??

Time for more preliminary results….

SAFE: Frankie and Witney (YAY!!!)

Drew and Emma: In jeopardy.

Victoria and Val: SAFE

Vanessa and Maks: In jeopardy.

They didn’t drill the sync quite enough. Hmmmm…this choreo looks VERY familiar. Like something Derek did quite a few seasons ago only without the sync. It’s actually a good dance, so far, with sync issues.

That didn’t suck, but it could have been cleaner. It was kind of predictable. And I think the show is being very predictable tonight as well. Best, most exquisite team dance ever??? OMG, the hyperbole is shocking in it’s disingenuousness. Ridiculous. It was a good dance, but a perfect score?? Who are they trying to save here?

Hmm….are two of Team Phantom leaving??


Safe: Drew and Emma (HA!)

Terrell and Cheryl – SAFE!!

Eliminated: BOTH NIKKI and VANESSA. Somehow I knew he was going to do that when the reaper came out.

So, the over scoring on Team Phantom is likely designed to protect Victoria since Drew and Frankie overcame decent spreads to be safe. Gotta have a C-boy in the finale, after all.