Dancing with the Stars Season 25, Week EIGHT – LIVE BLOG

So, what kind of fresh hell will tonight bring? I kind of think this season was going fairly well until last weeks scoring debacle. How hard will they work this week?

Well, that was a fun little opening. nice seeing our past stars again! Very cute.

Terrell and Cheryl up first – Cheryl giving him the pep talk in her very Cheryl way. 🙂  I always wonder if they edit the package tone based on if someone is leaving or not I’m sure they do, but I’ve never looked to see it if was positive or negative. I thought TO was charming in this package. I suspect that “drama” always wins regardless of elimination.

Cheryl and TO schooling some folks on charleston with swag. 🙂 That was a pretty damn good dance.

Oh boy, he’s getting an ass kissing from Len “No one’s improved from week one as much as you”.

And he gets a 27. Now, I think he deserved a 27 for a change – question is, when are the judges for real and when are they just sending someone off with a good score? How can we possibly tell, especially after that team dance score.

Drew and Emma up next!!  Drew reminds me very much of one of my ex-boyfriends. That’s a good thing. 🙂

Very lovely waltz from Drew – only thing he still needs a bit of work on is his hands. Everything else is lovely. I thought that was a very good job. Nice choreo from Emma, of sure.

Bruno molesting Len is the best thing so far tonight. 🙂  Bruno calling up a bit of bullshit. I suspect that Drew is a threat to Victoria, if not Jordan. If they judged Victoria at the same level as Drew, I suspect that she would be going home tonight.

Those scores are utter bullshit. 7’s??  My ass. That dance deserved all 8s at least.

And this week Victoria gets the drama edit. I have to say, though, that spasms are no joke. I was having them on my back a few weeks ago and I’m not sure I’ve ever had that much pain outside very extreme PMS.  On the plus side – in my case as least – a bit of ibuprofen did the trick.

Val: “I’m a lot better at dancing than talking.”  That is no joke.

If that was a passionate look from Val…he needs work.  Now Victoria…she looks stunning.

Is this supposed to be AT?? This song is horrible. And again, Val does a seemingly much shorter dance than other couples. I feel like she danced it well, but I’ll forget it before the end of the show – not her fault.  Horrible song.

She’s actually getting a real critique from CAI…and from Len (he’s also referring to the song). All three seem a tad underwhelmed and I would have to agree with them.

Despite their lukewarm response, she will fare much better score wise than Drew did – they are clearly trying to chop him next after Terrell.  I suspect he’s getting the votes.

And yep, Victoria gets a 24 even though her dance was only AS GOOD as Drew’s.

Lindsey and Mark…I feel a circus theme coming on. 😀

Man, how much do I wish I could pull off Lindsey’s hairstyles?? Very. Much.  🙂

Okay, that kicked ass. She was on that Samba – very well done. Liked their lion tamer theme too.

Len spouting a bit of crap. Unsteady on her feet? I missed that.  Bruno seems to like it – avant garde is on track.  CAI is going the crack route.

Watch them give her all 8’s to keep her even with Victoria.

Only Len proves me right – the other two clowns give her 9’s for a score of 28 which would put her on top for the moment.

Witney pulling out the dance experience line. Don’t blame her though – she’s giving a pep talk TO Frankie and he needs it. No, he’s not up to Jordan and Lindsey’s level…but he’s got that other ingredient it takes to be successful on this show and shouldn’t be counted out. He could win this thing.

Love Witney’s dress. I actually think that Frankie has become a more natural dancer than Drew and, in some instances, Terrell or Victoria. Not always – but some dances really suit him and I think this one did. That was quite lovely.  And he’s giving me that Aaron Paul vibe again. 🙂

CAI and Bruno liked it but Len’s not a fan.  “My little sausage.”  And Frankie ties with Lindsey – I’m fine with Frankie’s score, but Lindsey was underscored by at least two points.

I’ll say it again – either they’re scoring Frankie because he’s killing it in the votes or they’re keeping Lindsey down to make it a horse race. This makes me think that Drew is doing well in the votes but not at the level of Frankie, Jordan or Lindsey so they think they can get rid of him next week.

Or I may be giving stoopid producers and judges way too much credit and they aren’t smart enough to figure this all out. 😀

Jordan and Lindsay up with a Quickstep!  Lindsay wants a MBT – I very much want one for her, I’m just not sure it’s going to happen this season, unfortunately.  This partner may be too far in the other direction from some of her others.

Love that skirt. Okay, this was an EXCELLENT dance. Just great. Brilliant choreography and staging and it was very well danced. Should be a perfect score.

Standing O from Len. All three judges love it. It was a perfect dance IMO and I think they’ll get that from the judges too.

Yep. Perfect score. Much deserved.

On to the Trio Round…first up, Terrell, Cheryl and Kelly Monaco doing a rumba.

TO in heaven with two lovely women. 🙂  This package is priceless.

Um…wow. :::fans self::: Like I always say…NEVER underestimate Cheryl Burke. Woman knows this show.

Len gives it a mixed review, Bruno is blabbering which I think means he liked it and CAI sorta liked it as well.

His score is a 24 for that rumba, for a total of 51.

Rashad the swag coach.   🙂 Very fun package!

And the dance was pretty damn good too. At first, Drew was a tiny bit behind Rashad but he picked it up early on and then kept up. Emma’s choreo was excellent for both men.

Bruno being a bit picky. Agree with CAI about dancing with Rashad raising Drew’s game.  Len is len – so-so.

Score: 25 – a bit low, I thought.  I would have given at least another point.

Trio Jive from Victoria, Val and Laurie up next.  Laurie and Victoria geeking out to Star Wars. LOL.  Hmmmm…I don’t recall them showing the moment that Rashad won. This must be a Val conceit.

Good move killing a third or more the dance with a much slower tempo.  Either Victoria or Laurie is quite off time through a large part of the dance which they will conveniently not see.

Good lord – this choreo can’t hold a candle to anything else that’s been done tonight. That was just…not good.

CAI giving actual critique calling her out on the timing.  I actually think that it was Laurie that was off, but I would have to watch it again. Len also lukewarm on this one. Bruno not really digging it either.

SHUT UP, Val. Dear god. You always do more harm than good.  And thanks to Tom her spasm gets another mention.

Next up – Lindsey, Kristi and Mark. Doing Jazz and telling lots of corny jokes. 😉

BRILLIANT – closest thing to a real jazz dance since…Derek. 🙂 Excellent. On time, sharp, excellent.  That was just great. Unlike Jazz from certain folks this season, Mark didn’t use Jazz an excuse to do something simple and plain.  That was a tough dance very well executed.

28 of 30 – totally hosed. Should have been a perfect score.

To think Mark used to make fun of Derek’s quirks….he doesn’t go around sniffing shoes. 😉

Frankie and Alfonso – awesome duo in the package.

Wow. That’s two great dances from Frankie tonight – well done!! He’s really turning into a dancer. I didn’t see any real flaws.  Good choreo from Witney as well.

Oh, CAI  – hit the pipe during the commercial. It only stood out to you. Bruno loved it anyway. Len says what I just said – Frankie is a good dancer!

Straight 9s are good! I ain’t mad at that!

Corbin and Jordan – friends for years. 🙂  They’re pretty fun together. ::-)

Corbin knows enough to mark Jordan – a tad obviously at the beginning.  🙂 Excellent dance, great choreo…I’m beginning to sound like a broken record. Well done! Hope that Jordan doesn’t get the Corbin treatment by Frankie. 🙂 Although Lindsey could take both of them out.

CAI gets bleeped? She loved the dance.  Jordan is an excellent dancer…I’m not sure he’s that far ahead of Lindsey though. Four points? Maybe two. I suspect that Lindsey can beat him in votes though.

Another perfect score, as expected.

WATCH OUT for these female choreographers. With the exception of Mark, the men are being put to shame on this show.

Now…the results….

SAFE: Jordan and Lindsey.

SAFE: Lindsey and Mark.

Victoria and Val – SAFE.

Drew and Emma – SAFE.

Eliminated: Terrell and Cheryl.

Sadly expected. 🙁  Don’t read much into Frankie being last to be called safe. 🙂