Lindsey Arnold Injures Knee During Camera Blocking

ETA: Apparently, People screwed up and it’s Lindsay Arnold that is hurt, not Lindsey Stirling. Which is both good and bad. Jordan will be well served by Sharna, while Lindsey S. gets to stay in. I’m removing the link as it appears that People took their article down, perhaps to do a re-write.

ETA2: Here’s the link to the revised article:


Aw, poor Lindsay!!  Let’s hope this is not severe and she dances tomorrow.  From

“Lindsey injured her knee during camera blocking rehearsal Sunday morning while working on a number with the troupe,” a DWTS source told PEOPLE, who explains that the girls from the troupe are standing in for her at rehearsal and pro Sharna Burgess, who was eliminated alongside her partner Derek Fisher earlier this season, is learning her routines in case Lindsay is too injured to perform.

“Lindsay is hopeful she’ll be cleared to dance tomorrow but it will likely be touch and go until showtime Monday,” the DWTS source continued.

I would not count on her being eliminated by default, kids – I see you in the comments posting that rather hopefully.There is PLENTY of precedent of the show using the dress rehearsal or blocking footage when someone can’t perform on show night.