Dancing with the Stars Season 25, Week NINE – LIVE BLOG

Welp. This should be interesting. Or not. 😉

So we change one element of a challenge and call it “all new”??

I like the videos playing behind the couples. Except victoria’s. What the heck was that? Is she jesus now?

A song that best describes your partner? Okay. Love the Proclaimers, in any case.

Emma is so sweet. Love her.

Drew has flashed us at least twice. I’m okay with this. Cute opening – rewind to watch Keo’s reaction.  🙂  Love the Troupe guys coming in with their kilts.

Not horrible, not great. Interesting choice at the end there with the flashing.

Len being a dick again. Drew must be safe. Hmmmm….8s. Hmmm…

So, Val changed style yet again? Heaven forbid he dance a waltz.  Hmmm….package reminds me pretty strongly of Amy Purdy’s contemporary, particularly the near fall part.

Looks like Val is emulating Derek twice tonight.  Nice dance, but I wasn’t as moved as I think I was supposed to be. Kept getting distracted by Jenna. Like, what was she doing outside the door with a spotlight on her?

Oh Val SHUT UP. God, such an attention whore. Why can’t he just let it be about Victoria??

God bless her parents – what a horrible thing to go through.  27 out of 30 – pretty generous, but I’m not mad at it. If Lindsey gets underscored relative to her, then I will be pissed.

Lindsay is so gorgeous. Sometimes you forget cuz she’s kind of a dork like the rest of us, which makes her even more likable. 🙂

What is it with these songs that don’t sound right with the style?? Getting tired of that.

That said, this dance is exquisite – great footwork, great lifts. Well done!!

Oh, WTF CAI! This is getting transparent – time for Jordan to take a bit of a fall and Lindsey’s turn at the top of the leaderboard. Len’s commentary speaks indirectly to the SONG CHOICE.  Lindsay may have picked the song but I doubt very much she picked the dance style. Another way to manipulate the show, giving them an style that doesn’t go with the song.

Thank goodness for Bruno!  Jordan scores a 28 out of 30 for that dance (that was a mile better than Victoria’s).

Lindsey!! I like how Mark is putting words to all their moves. Or a story.

Sounds like BC is there singing it. That was a very interesting contemporary dance – kinda dark and intense. I think I liked it – it was very different. Very well danced, for sure.

Dynamic is a good word for it, thanks Bruno. CAI makes a good point for a change – Lindsey has always been sunshine, which makes this dance a big departure for her.

Oh Len. Really?  Lindsey has to settle for a 29 out of 30.

Can’t wait to see what the Frankie Ab preview was all about. 😀

Frankie makes a weird sort of sense. Don’t mess with success. 🙂  LOVE his face when Witney says she’s taking his shirt off at the end.

Damn, he’s holding his own with the boys. Takes guts to choreograph all those pros in their with your non-dancer celeb.  He lost sync at one point, but over all he killed that dance and it was very cleverly choreographed.

And he has nothing to be ashamed of in the chest really.  LOL, Tom – Matrix dunk.  Perfect.

Len is being saucy tonight. You had to know he would find it too hip hop.

Geez, Witney is VERY chatty tonight as well. Not as arrogant as some though.

25 out of 30 – I think he got a bit hosed on that. That was my favorite routine of the night so far.

Now for the Iconic round. :::sigh:::

They have to do the song and the style, apparently.  Per Corbin.

This was not one of the most epic dances ever. Not even close, IMO.

Why do pros insist on putting in that really hard stuff with parters who are not dancers?

Wow. That went remarkably well. I don’t think he lost time even once. Great job by Emma despite my questioning of her choices before the dance. Along about the time her head hit the floor.

I actually think Len is full of shit on this one. They are really talking him down big time – I thought it was sharp and on time and well danced. I mean, come on – Corbin was a trained dancer IN JAZZ. Of course Drew is not going to match up, but he did damn well for a non-dancer.

And he gets another 24 out of 30.  I don’t know that I would expect him to get a higher score than that, but their comments were just bull.

Victoria and Val up next with Derek and Amber’s Charleston. Tough shoes to fill. Amber’s personality is just huge and the swag??

She’s sitting down for a very long time.  A bit out of sync. She picked it up once they got off that stage.  Again, the dance seems very short – I suspect that’s largely due to how long she was sitting down at the beginning. It didn’t suck, but that wasn’t even close to the original.

Victoria seems like a very sweet girl, she’s just not very impactful.  Tom playing up the sympathy factor, just in case anyone forgot her history.

Wow. 29 out of 30 is a massive over score. I would have given that three 9s. I suspect she’s heading home.

Next up, Jordan.

Wow, I forgot Paige was off time in that jive. Pretty sure that double cartwheel is a Derek/Julianne move from WAaaaaayyyy back.

Sorry, when I hear this song I think Derek/ Nicole…and no one else. THAT was iconic.  In fact, this looks a bit more like Nicole’s dance than Paige’s. A lot like it, actually. But how much can you do to this song? That was VERY reminiscent of Derek/Nicole – didn’t help that Nicole was wearing gold as well.

He did dance that extremely well, in any case. Well deserving of a 30…and I suspect they’ll give him one.

Heh, bruno just described Derek’s body motion perfectly. 😀  I see I wasn’t the only one thinking Derek during that dance.

And Jordan gets the 30. 🙂

Man, this finale is going to SUCK in one big way – I can see any one of three people winning and I could make a good argument for any one of them winning.  Super tough.

This shouldn’t even be a challenge for Mark. 75% of Meryl/Maks was showmance and Mark kinda makes that point.

Again dispelling the dance lessons rumors.  Kinda funny – two girls who learned a FEW moves from Derek – Lindsey and Meryl.

That was a very good dance, although still not my favorite of hers. But one of the better dances tonight and should be scored accordingly. Agree with Len on the bit of looseness in hold. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but that nails it.

:::rolls eyes::: That camera hogging and inability to keep quiet when it’s not about you runs in the family I see.

Finally, Witney and Frankie. I’m sorry, I love Frankie, he cracks me up about getting the skirt off and then re-attaching it. 🙂

Witney going the risky route. But damn if they didn’t pull it off!!  That deserves a pretty high score in my opinion and if they don’t get one it’s simply because they’re trying to prevent him winning.

26 out of 30 – I can live with that but feel it should be a point higher.

Here we go…

SAFE: Lindsey and Mark

SAFE: Drew and Emma

Jordan and Lindsay – SAFE

Eliminate: Victoria and Val

Oh, poor Victoria she wasn’t expecting that and is sad.  Val is being a good partner right now. Victoria making me cry with how upset she it. Kudos to Tom for his little speech – he knows what to say sometimes, eh?

Interesting they had Frankie last one standing two weeks in a row – more subliminal messaging to the audience. I think that perhaps Jordan and Lindsey are at risk of losing the MTB to him, for real. They’re working a bit too hard to bring him down. Odd thing is, leaving him as the last one standing my have the opposite impact.

We’ll see.