DWTS Season 25, THE FINALE – Who’s Dancing What…and When?

We have redemption dances, we have freestyles and god only knows what else!! Oh, right, A FUN FINALE!!

At this moment I only have some redemption dances, thanks to Casanova finding them on the DWTS Instagram account.

ETA: Lots more info now and I’m liking most of what I’m seeing here!! Frankie has two good songs although he might suffer in comparison to previous uses of “Run Boy Run” – LOVE his Frank Sinatra song.  Honestly, I don’t see any real stinkers in here…yet. 🙂

ETA2: Got a little bit of intel on the fusion dances.  Apparently whatever Jordan got, he only required an hour of rehearsal time to learn it 😛 -Court-

Drew Scott and Emma
Dancing 1st
Redemption Dance: Paso Doble with Bruno as Coach (Song: “Get Ready” by Rayelle)
Freestyle (Song: “The Ding Dong Daddy of the D-car Line” by the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies)
Repeat Performance
24-hour Fusion Challenge

Frankie Muniz and Whitney
Dancing 2nd
Redemption Dance: Foxtrot with CAI as Coach (and a solo??) (Song: “I Won’t Dance” by Frank Sinatra)
Freestyle (Song: “Run Boy Run” by Woodkid)
Repeat Performance
24-hour Fusion Challenge – foxtrot/tango (could be Argentine)

Jordan Fisher and Lindsay
Dancing 3rd
Redemption Dance: Charleston with Len as Coach (Song: “Bad Man” by Pitbull)
Freestyle (Song: “Puttin’ on the Ritz 2017” Jazzy Mix by Taco)
Repeat Performance
24-hour Fusion Challenge – jive/?

Lindsey Stirling and Mark
Dancing Last
Redemption Dance: Quickstep with Julianne as Coach (Song: “Barflies at the Beach” by Royal Crown Review)
Freestyle (Song: “Remember the Name” by Fort Minor/”Palladio” by Escala (Medley))
Repeat Performance
24-hour Fusion Challenge – tango/cha-cha

It’s a Charleston from Len! #TeamFishUponAStar gets assigned WAY MORE Lindy hop for their redemption dance. #DWTS #Finals

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