Dancing with the Stars Season 25, The FINALE Night 1 – LIVE BLOG

Here we go!!! Pretty fun, competitive finale!

Oh how cute, the couples dancing together. :::rolls eyes::::

Okay kids – lets seem some good dancing!!

Julianne looks beautiful, although I’m not sure I love the red.

Often, going last during the finale is a good sign…but not always. If you’re a Lindsey fan (or a Jordan fan) you better vote your asses off.

Drew up first with his redemption dance. And Bruno in a tiny hard had with a small tool belt.

Paso Doble – pretty massive improvement. But then I think he’s been steadily improving for weeks and not getting rewarded for it. Is he as good as the other dancers? No – but I also don’t think he’s as bad as they’ve been scoring him. They really don’t want him in the final three.

Bruno loved it, but noted the foot fault. CAI is nonsensical as per usual. Len notes the improvement along with the foot fault. He must be leaving because they’re kissing his ass a bit. Agree with Julianne.

Did I just see Tristan in the front row?? Heard that Derek might be there as well – possible as he’s back in LA.

I ain’t mad at a 36 – he really has improved. But if he were safe they would likely find a way to be much harsher.

Bindi in the audience, Riker in the audience, Robert H. in the audience.

Spare me CAI – you knew from week 1?? Frankie is hilarious. Dig the hat. Love this song.

Loved that Foxtrot. Clever choreo by Witney at the end when she hides the fact that she was doing all the work in the last few seconds. Well done!!

Hey, Anna Trebunskaya!!

Judges are raving over Frankie’s foxtrot.

Oh goodie – Pitbull is next. I’ve been desperately waiting all season to see him. :::deadpan:::

Frankie gets a 38 out of 40. I ain’t mad at that either.

Can I just say how nice it is to see all the female pros with something other than bleached blonde hair on their heads. Not quite so monochromatic any more. Unfortunately, the are still relegated to the bump and grind for Pitbull.

Not that this music lends itself to anything else. That was pretty crappy.

Really audience? What was there to scream about? Ugh.

Jordan up next with his Charleston.

Nice jacket Len. ๐Ÿ™‚ Talking Labels and Tins again ๐Ÿ™‚

Jordan’s eye looks horrible. Looking better in his vt though.

This is still to hip hoppy and it’s the fault of the song. I dare say that Jordan is over dancing Lindsay.

No question he’s a great dancer but I’m not sure how I felt about that dance. Of course it was good, but I’m not blown away.

Judges are raving. Barring any disasters, I’m thinking that Lindsey and Jordan will end the night in a tie.

Mmmmmm….Robert Roldan. Hotness.

Jordan scores a perfect 40 as expected.

Lionel Ritchie? Oh. American Idol. Got it. Oh, and actual contestants. And one gets voted onto the show? This is like, so awkward. No one knows these girls, and no one actually cares at this moment. But I guess this is the crass cross promotion.

Lindsey girl, Julianne is no more of a legend that the two (Derek and Mark) you’ve danced with. In fact, Derek is the legend. But I get you’re supposed to say that. ๐Ÿ™‚

Some mis-steps right there in the beginning. This song makes me think of Bindi. Excellent dance, but it felt a tiny bit out of control. I did love it though.

Perfect 40. So, no one is running away with the competition. The judges are throwing it to the audience with a bit of a handicap to Frankie. As expected.

Erin just said “Drew and Enima”. LOL.

Julianne’s special performance up next – this is a rather special performance. Seven autoimmune diseases?? Jesus.

That one dude can spin!! Robert and Hayley are the other two I recognize. Beautiful song by BC and Mark and great dancing from all involved. Beautiful.

Drew and Emma up next with the Freestyle. Emma sounding proper English. ๐Ÿ™‚

Emma. Tell me you did NOT bring Chmerkovskiys into my Chmerkovskiy-free finale. Ten bucks says they find a way to talk on camera.

That was a pretty damn good freestyle!! Entertaining, fast, nice lifts – wonder how much Emma had to be coerced to have Maks and Val front and center?? That was ridiculous. He was a bit off time at the beginning but he pulled it together after a moment. I liked the cheesy break in the middle. ๐Ÿ™‚

It must be in Maks and Val contracts that they are show at least once an hour even when they’re eliminated from the show.

39 seems about right for that freestyle. The timing issue was very minor and over all it was great and creative.

Frankie and Witney up next. Um, Producer manipulating the pro on camera?? That’s kinda blatant. So, Witney is going with her gut. Let’s hope it’s the right call.

And here’s a perfect example of why you should not use the troupe during the season – when you do a cool number with all of them for the freestyle it really doesn’t feel all that special. This freestyle was a good dance, but it didn’t feel special. Don’t get me wrong – it was great. But think back to the days when there was no troupe during the season and they would whip out something massive at the end.

And Frankie gets a 38 out of 40. That seems fair.

Lindsay going all out for Jordan’s freestyle. You know what they say, Jordan – crappy dress is a good omen.

That was an excellent dance Not sure what more there is to say…except that last series of lift/flips was excellent!!

Bruno is loving it…of course they will all love it. Len with the bad puns. CAI – “new moves”. Yer dance vocabulary isn’t that large then, eh?? Great dance, but let’s not get carried away.

Yo, running long on time so shaddap.

A perfect score, of course, for Jordan.

Last freestyle from Lindsey and Mark. Mark’s excited. This ought to be interesting.

And Mark Ballas pulls out the best freestyle of the night – the violin playing in the middle was genius. Not too much troupe…just excellent. I can’t even tell you how much I loved the violin playing – and that is so totally Lindsey. I think Mark wins the freestyle round.

Going to the finale are….

Jordan and Lindsey

Lindsey and Mark

Frankie and Witney

Eliminated: Drew and Emma

Well, out of all the dances tonight, I think that Jordan and Lindsey both killed it – but my votes are going to Lindsey and Mark. That freestyle was a perfect representation of his partner and it was very well executed.