Dancing with the Stars Season 25, THE FINAL FINALE (Night 2) – LIVE BLOG

Well, it’s the finale. Time to sit through 2 hours of crap to find out who wins the shiny Mirror Ball trophy. Good luck to all the contestants.

One note – the person dancing last on Night 2 of the finale has won the MBT SEVEN of the last ten seasons.  I’m hoping the comments won’t become an ugly place tonight. None of these contestants deserve that.

Love the opening bit with Len. He’s so funny…and did I see a bit of swag.

Robert!! Yum. But producers…this show is NOT about Val and Maks, so spare me please.

Lindsey being a pep talker in the BTS footage. Frankie too, it appears.

Hey!! I want a sleigh!! How come Tom gets a sleigh??

Like the female pros outfits here, the red ones. Very cute.

Time for the favorite dances round. Lindsey and Mark up first with their Jive.

Aw Lindsey – you’re so cute. And that Violin kicks ASS. And really, if Piers Morgan tells you you’re not good enough, you’re probably on the right track. 🙂

Still love that jive. 🙂 Mark was hilarious there at the end, in particular.

Agree with CAI – she does have a special kind of star quality.

Lindsey gets a 30 as expected. I expect all three contestants to get perfect scores tonight, barring disaster.

Robert!! :::fangirls hard:::

Scary story about Frankie’s accident. Sucks to not be able to do something you love. He should be really proud of his work this season. BRIAN Cranston.

If they get Lin-Manuel for Jordan I may pee my self.

Great job by Frankie redoing his argentine tango!! He does seem to prefer the intense dances – makes me think that Witney’s instincts were right. She knows him after all.

Judges are giving him a bit of a rave.

Len: “Quick kick up the cod piece”  LOL!!!!

And Frankie gets a 30 – also expected. I imagine all dances will be perfect tonight, barring a serious fuck up.

Not terribly impressed with Kelsey Ballerini. She’s alright I guess.

Jordan up next with his redo dance.  So we’re 35 minutes into the show and they aren’t doing too bad so far in terms of keeping the filler crap to a minimum. I expect I’ll regret saying that.

Ahhhhhhhhh….Lin-Manuel Miranda!!! My other favorite man, ‘sides Derek.

Fantastic dance from Jordan and Lindsey – Lindsey looking exceptionally hot this evening. 🙂 Would love to see Lin-Manuel on this show, but it will never happen.

We need to get this finale moving…all this lusting after Lin-Manuel and Robert is making me even more tired that I was before.

Well, I guess it’s equal opportunity bump and grind these days? Not terribly impressed. I know it’s possible to dance without it being a bump and grind.

Whoa! Lindsey’s fusion outfit was stunning in that brief glimpse I got.

I liked Vanessa’s dance a lot more this time than I did the first time around. She pretty much killed it.

Lindsey Stirling up next with Becky G.

Go Lindsey!! That was pretty excellent! I’m going to have to get her CD. And Robert…..

Debbie, love ya, but your’re a bit too peppy for me at this point.

Okay that was kinda awful. Jordan and the ladies are making it look up.  Dang, Hayley is double jointed.

Yep, Jordan rescued that whole segment.

Lovely segment in the Children’s Hospital followed by a lovely ballroom number at the Grove.

Great seeing Drew, Jonathan and Emma’s “trio” dance again. 🙂

Lindsey up with a Tango/Cha Cha fusion.

That was fun and pretty damn good.  I expect them to give out 10s to Lindsey and Jordan, but I’ll be curious what they do with Frankie.

And Lindsey gets a perfect score.

Frankie up next with a foxtrot/tango fusion.  I think Frankie has been a real growth opportunity for Witney. That’s pretty valuable.

Frankie not as clean as Lindsey but he’s a workhorse – he practices a shit ton and when he doesn’t have that time he’s not going to be as clean.

He’s not getting a perfect score, after Bruno talked him down a bit. Makes me wonder if he was in first place – hence the scoring of the redemption dance. That said, his 28 is certainly fair compared to Lindsey.

Lindsey looks stunning yet again – that pink dress is amazing.

Okay, completely hiding Barbara behind all the guys was both awkward and necessary all at the same time. Ye gods.

Jordan up last with Salsa/Paso Fusion.

That was a stellar dance…did is seem short?? Or was it just the salsa part that was short? Anyway, well done.

This has been one of the better finales in recent memory. Not toooo much crap, all the finalists are lovely people who I enjoy. Great show.

Couldn’t agree more with CAI on how Jordan has allowed Lindsay to grow – well done. And yes, based on that Fusion it’s safe to say that Jordan is the best male celebrity this show has ever seen.

And a perfect score of course. 🙂

Nick Lachey. Um, okay. Cue awkward part where all three finalists just stand there.

Oh boy, Jordan is gunna cry. I can see it coming.

Whoever edited this VT did an exceptional job – or perhaps it’s just the contestants this season that makes it so much better?

Okay, I expect we’re going to get third place right now.

THIRD PLACE: Frankie and Witney

Congrats to Frankie on a great season and a shit ton of personal growth. I so appreciate him – he’s really what this show is all about. Well done.

Almost time for bed….!!!


Congrats to Jordan and to Lindsay and Lindsey and Mark for some fantastic dancing and a great season.

Postscript – you would think after 25 seasons they would learn how to time this show so they can talk to the winners and runners up, for the love of god.