PureDWTS Season 25 Week 10 Night One Finale Interviews, Recaps, And Extras

First up, my two favorite dances from last night. I can’t get enough and I want to play them over and over again…. #EmmyWorthy

Wasn’t it great having Julianne Hough back? The show isn’t the same without her (and DEREK too!). So yeah, as you might have guessed, I’m going with Mark Ballas and Lindsey Stirling for the win tonight. We will soon see as Jordan and Lindsay were so incredible too. Frankie was so amazing as well. I loved how Drew never gave up.

So, if you missed seeing the show, see IdolXfactor (these videos work internationally) and the official Your Tube page. Don’t miss some behind the scenes videos at the official Facebook page.

To start off with interviews and recaps, see ABC7. Afterwards see FOX, People, and Glamour for their recaps and interviews.

And now these recaps and interviews. Enjoy!

On The Red Carpet:

E Online:



Not sure I’m liking this attitude…


Be watching Extra, ET, ET Facebook, E Online, FOX411, People, and Access Hollywood in case they post more recaps or interviews later. Here’s to another great show tonight when we find out the winner. Thanks, Everyone.