Witney Carson Drops Out Of Winter Dancing With The Stars Live Tour

Oh no. This is sad. Witney Carson’s father-in-law has cancer. So, she’s dropping out of the winter DWTStour! From People…..

“My sweet father-in-law has been dealing with pancreatic cancer for the last year and a half. A few days ago he was having stomach issues & was unable to keep anything down. His doctors decided to do an exploratory surgery to find the problem, which we thought was just a minor issue. Unfortunately, we were completely wrong,” Witney, 24, wrote about her husband Carson McAllister’s father, Kevin McAllister.

“The cancer has spread throughout his entire abdomen. We are so blindsided and still in shock… The doctors have explained there is nothing that they can do and have told us that we only have a few weeks with him before the cancer takes his life,” she shared. “After much heartache and discussion, Kevin has decided to fight it and try another aggressive chemotherapy treatment.”

Witney continued: “My heart hurts to tell you all that I will not be able to do the DWTS tour this winter. This is an extraordinarily difficult time for us, I hope all of you can understand that my place is here with my family.”

Lots of prayers to Witney’s father-in-law and family. More at People.