Review Of The New Dancing With The Stars LIVE “Light Up The Night” Tour

Amanda who writes for, has written a review of the new Dancing With The Stars LIVE “Light Up The Night” tour. This show sounds really fun! Check out Amanda’s review below….

As a Christmas present to my mom and myself I purchased tickets to the Light up the Night Tour. It was our first DWTS tour show we’ve been able to attend and overall we had a great time at the show. I realized after I purchased the tickets we would be attending opening night of the tour, so I was prepared to maybe experience some glitches but thankfully there were none as far as the show was concerned. Due to some sort of seating issue I missed most of the opening number due to people blocking my view…so annoying. Anyway, on to my thoughts on the show.

The show started on time and fun what I did see it was a fun energetic number to start the show. I also noticed thanks to the program they brought in another female dancer(Morgan Larson) to take Witney’s spot in at least the pro centric numbers in the show. Frankie and Jordan welcome us to the show and each share how much they enjoyed being apart of the show. They also didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to take part in the tour. Honestly they picked two of the best contestants to join the tour. I loved getting see Jordan dance in person and watch him blend right in with the pros. However, I think I enjoyed getting to see Frankie more. Frankie was more of the MC of the show but we did get to see him perform so of his dances from this season with Hayley, Sharna, and Emma.

So here are some of my favorite moments of the show:

-*Seeing the pros just dance. It’s always great to see them in their element.

-That Mandy Moore snuck in a great contemporary piece, featuring Hayley, Alan, and Brandon. There was also a number with exercise balls. I could have done without it but it was still cool to watch.

-All of the Disney section.

-From finally seeing Sharna as Ariel to Jordan and Lindsay’s Fox Trot to “You’re Welcome.”

-My favorite Frankie moment also came in the Disney section. His Pirates of the Caribbean inspired Argentine Tango with an assist from Emma(who has quite the costume change).
Esha moments: I felt like we got a sneak peak at their wedding dance.

-Crowd interaction…well it was just Alan that made an entrance through the crowd and dance a little with someone. Wish there was more of that.

-The Costumes…during one of the video clips they mentioned how many pieces were on the tour. I don’t remember the number but it was enough to make me say wow. Also, the girls quick changes always impress me.

Overall the show was fantastic and I recommend going to a show if you have’t yet.