DWTS Junior Season 1 Pro Auditions Currently Underway!!!

Just when I had convinced myself the DWTSJ had gotten put on the back burner for the foreseeable future, we get our first glimmer of hope that this show is actually going to happen at some point 😎 Sasha’s Instagram story today indicated that he and Emma were on-hand in L.A. for the DWTS Junior pro auditions – producer Adam was also on-hand.  The video is pretty brief, and there are literally TONS of kids crammed into the audition space, so I was having a hard time picking out familiar faces – but apparently Rylee Arnold (Lindsay’s younger sis) is there, and I think I might have seen Manny Castro (Ruby & D’Angelo’s dad, owner of Dancetown studio in Miami)…also wondering if the little boy to Emma’s left at the beginning might be Artyon from this past season of America’s Got Talent…has anyone else clocked any familiar faces? I’ll keep a running list towards the bottom of the post as we get confirmations of who was at auditions…


Confirmed as auditioning:

Rylee Arnold (Lindsay’s younger sister, VIBE-er)
Brighton Brems (friend of Rylee’s, also from VIBE)
Artyon Celestine (AGT season 12, IMMABEAST)
Hailey Bills (Jenna’s niece)
J.T. Church (SYTYCD: The Next Generation runner-up)
Bryten Belka (Center Stage Performing Arts)
Kamri Peterson (Center Stage)
Victoria Podakova (one of Karina’s students)
Elijiah Geolina (one of Karina’s students)
Marcelo Fitzgerald (Center Stage, Kamri’s Latin partner)
Anthony Tatoosi
Emily Tatoosi
Ceilidh McSeveny (Center Stage)
Easton Brotherson (another VIBE kid)
Makeila Lawrence
Emily Dobson
Daniel Novikov
Kirill Vassilenko

ETA: Here’s a longer version of Sasha’s instastory ~Heidi