Gleb Savchenko, Alan Bersten and Artem Chigventsev Hold “Pro Dance Camp”

Well, lots of interesting information in this article about how Gleb came up with the idea and enlisted Alan and Artem for assistance in this fun-sounding weekend. I don’t pay that much attention to what many of the pros do in the off season, but it sure sounds like they like to stay busy!! You can read the whole article at ET, but I’ve put a short excerpt below:

6. The guys can describe their personalities using one style of dance.

Alan joked that he’s a mix of all the best qualities, and therefore would be the Argentine Tango. “I love the elegance of ballroom, like with the waltz, but the Argentine Tango is a mix of that and Latin passion,” he shared. “It has everything, and everyone can see it differently. It can be really fierce, it could be subtle, it could be sometimes controlling, but also soft. It has all the different dynamics.”

Artem said he’s torn between Argentine Tango and the Paso. “They’re both very manly, both very sensual, in a lot of ways, and I feel like I can express myself more in those dances than any others,” he explained.

As for Gleb? “I would probably say contemporary and the thing is, I’m not a contemporary dancer. I’m ballroom trained, I’ve never really trained properly in contemporary, but I kinda picked it up when I started doing the show,” he revealed. “I really love it because it’s a style where you can actually do anything, and you can really tell a story through dance. You can express yourself more. I’m all about telling a story through dance — the emotions and feelings and very strong characters of a man and a woman and their connection.”

7. They read your tweets.

During breaks from dancing, we caught the guys on their phones, and Alan says a big reason why they created Pro Dance Camp in the first place was because of all the fan suggestions they’ve recently received. “A lot of the fans want to dance with us,” he explained. “We get a lot of tweets that are like, ‘I wish there was a Dancing With the Fans season.’ So this is really as close as it gets!”