Maks Chmerkovskiy Talks On The Possibility Of Judging Dancing With The Stars, Why He’s Not Dancing, And More

Maks Chmerkovskiy was recently interviewed by Mass Live on his new dancing Confidential Tour with his wife, Peta Murgatroyd, and brother, Val Chmerkovskiy. He talks of what to expect of the show, but, in the interview, Maks also chats of why he decided not to dance in the new season of Dancing With The Stars and why he might not do so in the future…well,. unless it’s a “judging” gig. Read on…

Will you be returning to “Dancing With the Stars”?

Listen, I love the show, but I have other interests at the moment. I would have loved to judge and transition into that, but it’s not my call. It’s not up to me. Everything that is up to me, I do at 100 percent and then give it my all. I just don’t think I can do the show as a professional dancer at 100 percent and give it my all anymore. I am at a different point in my life.

I thought you brought a lot to the table as a guest judge. (Chmerkovskiy served as a guest judge several times between 2013 and 2016.)

Thank you. I appreciate that. I would love to do that gig. That’s my thing. That’s my medium (and) that’s what I know. I know exactly what I am looking at. I know exactly what I want it to be and exactly how to influence someone to do better in that genre. That’s what a judge should do, in addition to adding to the production. If that’s in my future, I would gladly accept it. If not, there are other opportunities. We are always moving forward.

I enjoyed Maks as a judge (he was totally entertaining), but, I loved Julianne Hough as a judge too. Both brought different things to the show as Judges. Maks was controversial and entertaining in a “Len” way while Julianne was so articulate, thoughtful, and good with words. I wish they’d hire them both. More at Mass Live. Let us know what you think in comments.