Former NFL Quarterback Johnny Manziel “Too Controversial” To Do Dancing With The Stars

If true, I guess former NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel was dropped from doing Dancing With The Stars because he is “too controversial” according to Fox News. Geez, what about Tonya Harding? Isn’t she just as controversial? I think I’d take him verses Tonya any day.

Manziel was reportedly in talks to join the show for a few weeks but producers chose to pass on the former Cleveland Browns quarterback, The Blast reported. Producers reportedly deemed the embattled quarterback “too controversial” and decided to move forward with someone else.

Manziel had a tumultuous NFL career after not living up to expectations and being spotted partying with celebrities. He reportedly went to rehab in 2015 and was pulled over by police while arguing with his girlfriend.

He is currently attempting to make a comeback in the NFL and is playing in the Spring League.

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