Dancing With The Stars Sasha Farber Makes A Statement On Tonya Harding And Her Past

Sasha Farber wrote a statement on Tonya Harding and her past. You can read it in a new instagram below. I plan to give her a chance for the same reasons. Let us know what you think in comments. Thanks to Lori for bringing this to my attention.

Wowwwwww still on a high from yesterday and super excited to be dancing with this lady right here, on @dancingabc. There are some very strong feelings from lots of people about Tonya and about her competing on the show. I have only spent a couple of days with her but I have learnt so much about her and I’m looking forward to learning more. One thought I want to throw out there is that humans have the ability to change, people have the ability to find faith and shouldn’t have to live in the unbelievably devastating shadow of a bad past, wrong decision or bad influences for the rest of their life. They should be allowed to move on and live a full life like those around them. People live and learn, people forgive and forget and most of all we change, and not only change ourselves, but also the people around us. Thank you all so much for all your positive comments and for all your love and support. I promise we will work harder than ever this season. I really respect Tonya for doing the show and I’m proud to be her partner. We’re ready to dance!!!! P.s I watched an awesome movie last week called #ITonya go check it out

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