Meryl Davis, Nastia Liukin and Von Miller Return to the Ballroom to Mentor DWTS 26 Contestants

Not really sure why this is necessary other than as a boost to ratings….which probably won’t work since it’s SUMMERTIME. As should be obvious by how long it took us to post this news. 🙂  Anyway, as per usual, the producers find ways to limit the actual dancing and cram as much into two hours as humanly possible.  I mean, jeez, they ran over last week which resulted in the eliminated contestants totally getting hosed.  It’s just sad. Anyway, from Entertainment Tonight – click the link to read the whole thing which includes an interview with Meryl, Nastia and Von.

ET can exclusively reveal that Von Miller (season 22), Meryl Davis (season 18) and Nastia Liukin(season 20) will be returning to the ballroom next Monday, serving as mentors to the remaining six contestants vying for the mirrorball trophy on the shortened, all-athlete season of the dance competition show.

Meryl will mentor fellow Olympic figure skaters Mirai Nigasu and Adam Rippon, while Nastia will help Tonya Harding and Olympic softball pitcher Jennie Finch. Meanwhile, Von will mentor fellow NFL star Josh Norman and Olympic ice luger Chris Mazdzer.

So, is Meryl going to instruct Adam on how to have a fauxmance with his partner??? He’s already a competitor and at the top of the leaderboard and he’s an Olympian just like her…so not sure on how mentoring is going to work. Nastia went through it on the show, with Derek getting hurt and having to switch partners…in addition to getting bad edits by production…so she might have some useful insight anyway.