PureDWTS 2018 Emmy Awards – Nomination Predictions/Live Blog

Once again, this has snuck up on us 😛 I will try to do a live blog tomorrow morning once the announcements are up, but it may end up being more of a “this is what was announced” post with a short lag time…we shall see.

I think part of the reason we kinda spaced this is because it looks to be slim pickin’s for DWTS this year – the shortened (and simplified) spring season means fewer eligible routines for the Outstanding Choreography category, and with World of Dance‘s first season now eligible, I think we could witness a reduction in nominees from SYTYCD, and DWTS being shut out of the category completely.  Additionally, part of me thinks that we may see WOD and possibly American Idol also picking up a few nominations in other categories (Outstanding Costume Design, Outstanding Makeup, Outstanding Hairstyling, Outanding Lighting Design, etc) that might have otherwise gone to DWTS – I don’t think the austerity measures that they appeared to take with the All-Athletes season helped, because they seemed to stick to simpler, “safer” hair, makeup, costuming, and staging.

As for Outstanding Reality TV Series/Reality Host – given that DWTS/Tom got shut out last year, I’m not optimistic they’ll somehow elbow their way back in this year, especially with WOD and AI in the mix; my guess is that RuPaul wins Outstanding Reality Host again, and RuPaul’s Drag Race could be the dark horse to win Outstanding Reality Series, with the boom in viewership they’ve experienced since moving the show from Logo to VH1. But I digress…

The discussion here at PureDWTS always seems to center around who’s getting nominated for the Outstanding Choreography Emmy, so we’ll focus on that. First things first: I don’t see anything from season 26 actually getting nominated. Sorry.  Yes, I know you think Jenna did an amazing job with Adam; I don’t disagree.  But I also don’t know that anything she gave him was groundbreaking enough to hold its own against the likes of Keone & Mari from WOD, or anything from the perennially-nominated Travis Wall on SYTYCD, or even any of the unbearably-formulaic-yet-constantly-nominated-nonetheless pro dances from Mandy Moore on DWTS. As Heidi & I seem to say year after year – it’s much harder for routines on DWTS to get nominated than it is for SYTYCD (and now WOD), since the celebs doing them are (usually) not professional dancers; additionally, the Academy tends to favor contemporary/modern styles over ballroom, so that’s an added hindrance. We addressed this at length here, if you want some further reading. If, by some miracle, DWTS does seem to eke a choreo nom out of season 26, I would think it would maybe be a “body of work” nom for Jenna w/Adam – I’d throw their cha-cha, their jazz, and their freestyle in it.

I think the only hope for DWTS in the Outstanding Choreography category (except for possibly a “body of work” that Mandy might submit for pro dances) lies with the season 25 top 3: Jordan & Lindsay, Lindsey & Mark, and Frankie & Witney. I think Jordan has dethroned Alfonso as the most talented male celeb with dance experience this show has ever seen, and Lindsey was no slouch, either – both had the skill set to make Lindsay & Mark’s already great choreo look FANTASTIC.  Frankie is more of a dark horse, but the one dance that sticks out in my head is that dark, edgy “Every Breath You Take” contemporary he & Witney did for Halloween week. If I were Witney, I probably would have submitted that as a nomination on its own.

I think both Mark & Lindsay could go for “body of work” with their respective partners – if I were Mark (or whoever was submitting on behalf of Mark), I probably would have gone with he & Lindsay’s jive, their Viennese waltz, and that controversial “did Mark copy choreo?” robot Argentine tango – which may have actually been THE dance of season 25:

As for Jordan & Lindsay – I think a body of work of their contemporary, rumba, & Argentine tango could be a good mix:

At the end of the day, though, I think it may actually be Lindsey & Mark’s dances (particularly that Argentine tango) that have the potential to be the most competitive in the field of nominations, based on their uniqueness. Jordan’s dances are technically sound and well-executed…but may be lacking a bit in originality.  They’re just really well-danced, as opposed to what I would consider “ground-breaking”.

As for other shows? I didn’t watch SYTYCD at all last season (minus a few cherry-picked dances that Jenna did), so I can’t really comment on who might be a contender there – anyone else want to weigh in? I can’t remember any standout pro dances Mandy did on DWTS, but at least one will probably get nominated; but I have a feeling that Keone & Mari have a very strong body of work from their time on WOD and could end up winning the whole shebang – I loved their “texting” dance and the one with the ribbons:

So let’s see where Heidi and Vogue’s heads are at…

Heidi: Heidi’s head is saying that it’s totally unfair that Nappytabs submitted for a choreo nom for World of Dance – totally bites. But, what can you do? Keone and Mari also submitted (and should, IMO, WIN).  I’m trying to remember who else from WoD submitted – Nappytabs created a “for your consideration” video for the choreo on WoD that showed all those who submitted.  Let me see if I can find it….

…this isn’t the one I was thinking of, this is a Nappytabs “FYC” video for show, I think.

The one above shows the “FYC” for choreography at the end which includes Nappytabs, Keone and Mari and Kinjaz. Honestly, with those three in the running I predict a DWTS shut out. It’s unfortunate, but the pros on DWTS are going to have to hope for a great pro dance these days. Keep in mind that these are likely the dances the SHOW submitted for the contestants. There’s no actual rule against a choreographer submitting his or her own work from the show on their own. So the field could be even wider. Not only that, but the pool just got massive, when you consider that DOZENS of different choreographers are working on WoD in a given season.

As for SYTYCD – it’s has a definite leg up on DWTS and Nigel campaigns like CRAZY for nominations. To my knowledge, no one from DWTS does that. I don’t even know if they do “FYC” videos, just submit the dances. I suspect that Nigel has met his match in JLo when it comes to campaigning…and I bet she wins. 😉

But I guess we’ll find out tomorrow. If anyone scores from DWTS, it will be either Mark or Jenna. But also note that they can submit three dances, but they can get nominated for just one of the three. Doesn’t have to be all three. It could happen, but I would be surprised.

Vogue: I’ve been gone all day and I’m a little spent, so, I’ll make this short. When I look back at the last two seasons, all I can think of in terms of “Emmy’s” for “mind blowing” creativity is Mark & Lindsey, Jordan & Lindsay, and Jenna & Adam. Like Court, I loved Mark & Lindsey’s tango and the costumes were off the hook. Despite all the criticisms at the time, I really loved Jenna & Adam’s Freestyle. I loved that Jenna took a risk and went with something so different. I’m a huge fan of Oriental influence in costuming and dancing, so I was in heaven. 🙂 I honestly can’t think of one bad dance from Jordan & Lindsay. Each week they were at another level in every area from technique to creativity. If they don’t get a nomination for one or more of their dances, I will be really surprised and disappointed. I agree with Court how Jordan surpassed Alfonso as the best dancer ever on Dancing With The Stars. Gawd, can we please have another “All Star Season”? I would love to see the two of them be pitted against one another. Can you imagine?

So those are our thoughts…what are yours?

ETA: So the choreography nominations have been announced…and in a stunning turn, not only was DWTS shut out, but so was WOD, and four of the five nominations in the Outstanding Choreography category went to SYTYCD, with the one wildcard nomination going to The Late Late Show with James Corden for one of their musical numbers. Nobody I’ve talked to seems to even recall any of the dances in four body of work nominations that SYTYCD got…so color me gobsmacked. Will update again once the reality categories are posted…discuss.

ETA2: This is Vogue. Although shunned in choreography and Best Reality Series, Dancing With The Stars ended up with 6 nominations for hair, makeup, etc.. To read more, see this report.