PureDWTS DWTS Junior Pro Profile: Rylee Arnold

Age: 13
Height: 4’11”
Hometown: Provo, Utah
Home studio: VIBE
Dance style: cross-trained in ballroom, hip-hop, jazz, tap, contemporary, and gymnastics
How you might know her: She’s Lindsay’s youngest sister, and tried out for SYTYCD: The Next Generation (but didn’t make it to the live shows).
Other accolades: Placed 3rd in Under-10 Latin at the WDC World Championship in Paris in 2014. 
Pro mentor: Lindsay Arnold
Celeb partner: Miles Brown

Rylee (and Brightyn!) talk SYTYCD: The Next Generation

Dancing some cha-cha with her competition partner, Daniel:

Doing hip-hop (with appearances by Brightyn & Hailey):

Doing some contemporary…

And the lovely Arnold ladies 🙂

Court’s thoughts: Rylee on her own is going to be staunch competition – like Lindsay, she’s cross-trained in just about every style, and she seems to excel in ALL of them. God bless VIBE and the cross-training they give their kids – all of their dancers are so well-rounded 🙂 But when you add Lindsay’s guidance and her choreography to the mix? Calling it now – barring any shenanigans (and there had better not be any, with these adorable smol pros that I already feel very protective of), we will see Rylee in the finals of DWTSJ. Like Lindsay, she has IT.

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