PureDWTS DWTS Junior Cast Rumors & Watchout: TMZ Confirms Sophia Pippen Is Dancing This Season

We had kinda already gathered this, thanks to the scheisty Russian pap site – and I honestly think that’s probably where they’re getting their info, rather than any sort of inside “source”.  But hey – if TMZ is willing to put their stamp of authenticity on it, so will we:

Scottie Pippen might wanna clear a shelf in his trophy room … his 9-year-old daughter’s got her eyes on a ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ championship.

We’re told Sophia will join the cast of the new spin-off ‘DWTS: Juniors.’ Sources say Scottie’s wife, Larsa, and her pal, Kim Kardashian, were spotted at the ‘DWTS’ studios this week watching Sophia rehearse.

I’d imagine TPTB at DWTSJ are probably pissing themselves with glee that they got Lady Kim Kardashian-West to make a cameo at the studio – this seems like something along the lines of “J-Lo coming to watch Leah Remini” or “Demi & Bruce sitting in the audience watching Rumer” big to them. Which is funny to me, because back when Kim was on DWTS 10 years ago, she was little more than a onetime Paris Hilton BFF with a sex tape whose daddy defended OJ – and she was a highly mediocre dancer; even 7 years ago, when she was in the audience cheering for Rob (who had far more dance talent than she), she was in the process of divorcing her husband of *snicker* 72 days. Perhaps it’s the late hour or my ever-growing to do list, but it’s all just funny to me 😛

Any guesses as to who Sophia might be paired with?