PureDWTS DWTS Junior Pro Profile – Kamri Peterson

Age: 10
Height: ~4’7″ (Court’s best guess, based on pictures)
Hometown: Orem, Utah
Home studio: Center Stage Performing Arts
Dance style: cross-trained in contemporary, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, ballroom, tap, & gymnastics
How you might know her: You probably haven’t yet, so read on and learn 😉
Other accolades: 2nd place in Juvenile II Latin at the 2017 BYU Amateur Dancesport Championships
Pro mentor: Witney Carson
Celeb partner: Akash Vukoti

Kamri doing a solo at the Radix Nationals about a month ago…does she even have bones???

Working that skirt #LikeABoss doing cha-cha at the Paris Worlds last year:

Doing an edgy contemporary trio (she’s the littlest one):

Doing this jazzy little combo:

LOVED taking class from @nikakljun

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And finally, crushing some hip-hop:

Court’s thoughts: Kamri is phenomenal – she seems to thrive in any style thrown her way (she’s only been doing ballroom a year and a half, and made it all the way to the world championships in Paris!), and has the energy to tackle every style with enthusiasm.  My only concern is the fact that she’s the youngest pro – she JUST turned 10 in May, and while she does strike me as being very mature for her age, I just hope she is able to handle the pressure of being on a show like this.  I think back to myself at 10 years old, and I was in tears nearly every day just trying to do well in school – Kamri is dealing with that, plus dance, plus being on a national television show.  But on the flipside, she’s also the tiniest pro, and is probably going to be super-easy for a potential partner to do lifts with – that girl seems so limber and fearless.  If she is THIS GOOD at ten, think of how phenomenal she’ll be by the time she’s old enough to be a regular pro!

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