PureDWTS DWTS Junior Season 1 – Partnership Predictions

I know some of you have been waiting on this, and I thank you for your patience – I wanted to do this right and I wanted to research thoroughly, so it took me awhile. Basically, any information you see in the tables I created that is in bold has been confirmed (names of pros/celebs participating, their ages, their heights, etc.); if it’s not in bold (be it a celeb’s name, their age, their height) it’s not confirmed, but it’s my best guess. You’ll notice we have a lot more information about the junior female pros than the male ones – the male ones, I’m flying a bit blind on, so this is me working on some hunches and general gut feelings. I’ve also included some “things to keep in mind” that influenced some of my hunches about pairings.Β  So with that, let’s get down to it 😎

Things to keep in mind:

1.) Relative to regular DWTS, height & age are likely more important than chemistry between partnerships on DWTS Jr. Since these kids are so young, age differences do kinda matter – so more of an effort is being made to keep the partnerships reasonably close in age/maturity, as well as height; where two junior pros might be able to get past a height difference between them, a junior pro and a complete amateur probably couldn’t. The pairings for juniors are more about mitigating differences, to ensure smoother sailing.

2.) These kids are still growing. Part of the “fun” (notice the air quotes) I’ve had in compiling this post is coming up with the heights for these kids – most of them aren’t listed anywhere online, and even if they were, who the hell knows how accurate they might be, because these kids are very much still growing. The only two confirmed pro heights I have are Rylee (4’11”, confirmed by her mom) and Artyon (4’5″, confirmed by Artyon himself during an Instagram live – although I wonder if he even knew for sure); I tried to use that in order to compare pictures with other junior pros and get a relative height.Β  Also used pix of junior pros with regular pros with known heights to come up with relative estimates. So I reserve the right to be completely wrong, because this was no walk in the park, friends πŸ˜›

3.) Boys and girls hit their growth spurts at different times. Girls tend to hit theirs a year to two years before the boys hit theirs – so it’s not entirely unusual for an 11-year-old girl to tower over an 11-year-old boy. This can create some problems when trying to pair partners who are close in age.

4.) Boys being taller than girls is less of an issue than girls being taller than boys. Notice we’ve had several partnerships on DWTS where the men towered over the women – but none the other way around. Since most ballroom and Latin figures are meant to be danced by a man whose at least slightly taller than the woman, this usually isn’t an issue; it only becomes problematic once you hit that 1′ difference in height (hello, Kareem). But anyway – I can only think of maybe 1-2 junior partnerships where the boys might have a few inches over the girls, so I doubt this will be an issue.

5.) The heels on kids’ ballroom shoes aren’t as high as adult ballroom shoes. Little Kamri is still dancing in block heels – and if the partnerships are cutting it too close in height, some of the girls can easily be relegated to the 1″ block heel, as opposed to a full-height 2/5″ one. There are ways to cheat the height difference πŸ™‚

6.) The junior pros, celebs, and even the mentors appear to be throwing caution to the wind on social media. Nobody seems to care much about who they’re seen following on Instagram, and sometimes they’re being downright unsubtle about it – so in an unusual twist, if x junior pro is following y celeb, or x celeb is following y junior pro, it probably does mean something.


Female junior pros:

Name Age Height
Rylee Arnold 13 4’11”
Hailey Bills 12 ~4’11”
Brightyn Brems 12 ~5’0”
Kami Couch 11 ~4’9”
Kamri Peterson 10 ~4’7
Elliana Walmsley 11 ~4’8”


Male celebs:

Name Age Height
Mandla Morris 13 ~5’7”
Miles Brown 13 ~4’9″-4’10”
Hudson West 11 ~4’9”
Tripp Palin 9 ~4’8”

Update #1: And already, holes are getting poked in my calculations πŸ˜› Per source, Miles is “definitely not 5’1″ – 4’9″ or 4’10, tops”; but source also mentioned that “he may be small, but he moves BIG!”

Confirmed teams:

Miles & Rylee, mentored by Lindsay

Hudson & Kami, mentored by Hayley

Court’s guesses:

Mandla & Brightyn, mentored by Cheryl: close in age, and Mandla apparently followed both Brightyn & her sister, but seems to have recently unfollowed; Brightyn appears to be the tallest of the junior girl pros, and Mandla looks relatively tall in pictures. Cheryl already confirmed to be mentoring Brightyn.

Tripp & Kamri, mentored by Witney: close in age; look to be of similar (diminutive) heights, based on pictures; Witney already confirmed to be mentoring Kamri.

? & Hailey, mentored by Jenna: mentoring already confirmed; by process of elimination (POE), I think we don’t know Hailey’s partner yet

? & Elliana, mentored by Emma: mentoring already confirmed; by POE, I think we don’t know Elliana’s partner yet


Male junior pros:

Name Age Height
Artyon Celestine 11 4’5”
JT Church 12 ~4’9”
Tristan Ianeiro 12/13 ~5’4
Lev Khmelev 11/12 ~4’10”
Jake Monreal 14 ~5’0”
Sage Rosen 15 ~5’3”


Female celebs:

Name Age Height
Alana Thompson 12 ~5’1”
Sophia Pippen 9 4’5”
Ariana Greenblatt 10 4’1”
Addison Osta Smith 12 ~5’0”


Court’s guesses:

Ariana & Artyon, mentored by Brandon: with Ariana being so tiny (and Artyon being the shortest male pro), I don’t see any way they wouldn’t be together, unless one of the two remaining unknown female celebs is even tinier – the rest of the known female celebs run the risk of towering over Artyon. Brandon is following both Ariana & Artyon, and I want to say that once upon a time, I saw a video of him tapping – or at least he might be cross-trained in it, hence why he might be paired with Artyon. I think Aryton (who is not trained in ballroom) stands to benefit the most from mentoring from a pro who is cross-trained in multiple styles (read: BRANDON)

Addison & Lev, mentored by Sasha: Lev and his mother started following Addison.Β  The height difference bugs me a bit, but it was hard to find a good picture of Addison where she wasn’t wearing heels and was standing next to someone whose height is known – it’s possible she’s not as tall as I thought. Sasha was leftover by POE (I was told Lev did not get Gleb as a mentor), although Addison is following Sasha on IG.

? & Tristan, mentored by Artem: Artem’s the only pro Tristan is following, and they seem to have the same quiet, brooding personality.

Alana & Sage, mentored by Alan: Alana was the square peg for me in these pairings – she’s 12, but judging from pictures of her next to 5’4″ Mama June, it looks like she’s one of the taller female celebs; I think the only two junior male pros she wouldn’t tower over are Sage & Tristan, and my gut tells me she’s not with Tristan (plus the fact that I’m feeling pretty confident that Tristan is with Artem, and Alana isn’t following either of them – but she IS following Alan).

Sophia & JT, mentored by Keo: Another height-dependent pairing – JT’s the 2nd shortest junior boy pro, so unless one of the (2) unknown female celebs is shorter than Sophia (whose height is verified on a modeling agency site), I think Sophia has to be with JT. As for Keo – JT’s the only junior pro he’s following, and JT follows back.

? & Jake, mentored by Gleb: This is the one pairing I had leftover by POE. Jake’s following Gleb.Β  That’s all I’ve got.

So those are my thoughts…what are yours? Who are your partnership predictions?