PureDWTS DWTS Junior Season 1 – Junior Pros Start Sharing Adorable Pix with Their Mentors

I was told that DWTS was planning on formally announcing the junior pros on their Facebook page sometime today, but it appears as though that’s been scrapped in favor of the junior pros/mentors spilling the beans themselves on Instagram 😛 For anyone skeptical about the junior pro/mentor spoilers we posted – here’s your fact-check.  For everyone else – how stinkin’ cute are these kids??? I think Artyon/Brandon’s pic might be my fave – lil Artyon’s out here looking like a black Evel Knievel Jr. in his yellow jumpsuit, I heart him 🙂 #BlackBoyJoy UPDATE: Below is the video they originally posted on the DWTS Facebook page – until they realized they still had Kami Couch labeled as Makeila Lawrence…wuh wuh WUHHHHH.