PureDWTS DWTS Junior Season 1 – Junior Pros & Mentors Start Teasing Pix of Their Celeb Partners on Instagram

I’m admittedly late on this, but that’s what you get when things at my office are falling apart and I’m finishing up final projects for my econ & marketing classes 😛 The junior pros and mentors have started dropping hints on their celeb partners on Instagram – here’s a few, but if you want our spoiler list, go here. From the vibe I’ve gotten from sources, it seems like the junior celeb announcement is going to happen pretty close to the celeb announcement for the regular season – which if I had to guess (and this is a GUESS, don’t quote me) is probably going to be Sept. 4 or 5th. If it were me, I’d probably just make one big announcement, all at once, in order to maximize cross-promotion of Junior & regular DWTS. I’d start keeping pretty close tabs on Instagram next week…I’d imagine the regular pros are going to start meeting their celeb partners within the next week or two.

Can you guess who my partner is? 🤩🤔🤫😍 @dwtsjuniors #dwtsjuniors

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Just sums up my life for past 4 weeks , guess who is the lucky girl? #dwtsjuniors

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