PureDWTS Season 27 Cast Rumors & Watchout: Could Sarah Michelle Gellar Be Getting Ready to Dance?

Ok, so this hasn’t been one that’s been widely reported – and to my knowledge, I think I was the only one mentioning on Twitter/here that Sarah Michelle Gellar had attended a few tapings back in season 25, and was apparently being courted by producers.  I vaguely remember someone else mentioning that Jordan seemed like he had been pulling a few strings to try and get her to join, and I see that Sarah also follows Alfonso (who is basically the de facto DWTS celeb recruiter) and his wife on Insta.  It was basically just wishful thinking and a gut feeling…until Zoe (@ptxdwts on Twitter) pointed this out to me:

So Sarah showed up to a DWTS Junior taping…now it seems like this rumor might have some legs.  I’d love to see her on the show – she’s got the nostalgia factor, she’s low-drama, she looks FANTASTIC…I think she’d be a great partner for Artem or Alan, or even Brandon.  What do you guys think?