PureDWTS Season 27 – Sasha & Emma Choreograph For SYTYCD; Jensen Arnold Advances to Top 6

Time for the weekly DWTS/SYTYCD weekly cross-over update 🙂 This week, it was Sasha & Emma’s turn to choreograph, and they gave contemporary dancer Hannahlei and Latin ballroom dancer Cole a cha-cha:

This one…was a bit of a strange one for me.  I dug that they went an edgier, more unexpected route with the music & staging, but I don’t know that it really felt like a cha-cha to me – it felt more like a fusion of cha-cha and Argentine tango, and was a bit too heavy on the tricks and lifts. However, I will say that it was nice to see an actual ballroom dancer doing it, and I definitely preferred this edgy take on cha-cha to Val’s fluffier choreo from week 1. But I still think Sharna wins the prize for most authentic Latin ballroom choreo this season…

Unfortunately, both Cole and Magda (another ballroom dancer, and a friend of the Chmerkovskiys), the only two other Latin/ballroom dancers left in the competition, got eliminated last night. Which leaves Jensen as the sole ballroomer left in the top 6, with 3 contemporary dancers, a jazz dancer, and a hip-hopper – and I think she stands a decent shot of winning this whole thing. We got to see a jazz, a hip-hop, and a cha-cha solo from her last night:

So I’ve seen several of you mentioning that you’d “love to see Jensen as a pro/troupe on DWTS”…y’know how we’d make that happen quicker, right? By getting her as far as possible on this season of SYTYCD…and if she wins, you can bet that DWTS will probably be begging her to join the show after season 27 (she’s likely on contract with SYTYCD through the end of the year).  So I encourage everyone to vote for her, if you want to see more of her – you can text “JENSEN” to 21523, and you can do that up to 20 times (super easy, it only took me a minute), or you can vote using the FoxNow app or here at the Fox website. I encourage you all to take moment to do it – it could mean having the Arnold girls as the first set of three siblings to do DWTS 😉