PureDWTS DWTS Season 27/Juniors Season 1 – An Update About the Cast Announcement

So I’ve been getting a lot of questions about when they’re going to announce the celebs for Juniors – initially, I was told it was going to happen closer to the cast announcement for the regular season, which made me wonder if they were just going to do one big cast announcement on GMA for both Juniors and season 27.  However, source has now heard that the cast announcement for Juniors is “going to coincide with the premiere of season 27” – which makes me wonder if the results show we’re getting on 9/25, per Kristyn, is going to double as the cast announcement for Juniors, which premieres roughly 2 weeks later. I have no other info other than that – no idea if the Junior celebs and their partners will be there for the show (seems like it could be a bit of a logistical nightmare), or if they’re just going to be showing something pre-taped, but I’ve got a gut feeling that whatever it is, it’s probably going to happen during the 9/25 results show.

As for the regular season – since everything has basically gotten pushed back a week due to the premiere being a week later than usual, I’m guessing we get a cast announcement sometime between 9/4 and 9/12.  Pros were due to start meeting their partners this week, so I’m leaning more towards the week of 9/10 for the cast announcement. Notice the use of the words “I’m guessing” and “I’m leaning more towards” – this is just my educated opinion, not fact, so I better not hear anyone saying “Well Courtney says the cast announcement is the week of the 10th” or “Courtney says Juniors celebs are getting announced during the results show!” This fandom has developed a bit of a fake news problem as of late, so please don’t contribute to it by misquoting. I’d rather not burn out on both Juniors and regular DWTS before the seasons have even started 😉