PureDWTS Season 27: Where in the World Are the DWTS Pros???

Ok…since some of you are able to keep much closer tabs on the pros’ social media and whereabouts than I currently am, I thought it would be a good time to confirm the current whereabouts of this season’s pros – since that can often help determine who their partner might be 😎 Thanks to Zoe for all the help! If you’re looking for “pro watch”, go here.

Currently in L.A. (confirmed):

Currently in Nashville (confirmed):
Another pro (possibly Emma?)

Currently in Dallas (confirmed):

Currently in Park City, UT (confirmed):

Location unknown/unclear:

Alan (was in L.A. as of yesterday, but hadn’t met his partner as of 2 days ago and hasn’t been online today)
Emma (radio silent)

Now based on process of elimination, since Sharna mentioned in her IG story that she had “run into another pro” while in Nashville earlier today, it seems like the pro she ran into was more likely Emma, since Alan was still in L.A. as of yesterday, while Emma hasn’t said anything about her location in a few days. Is it possible that Alan is in Nashville? Sure.  Just seems more likely that it’s Emma.

So what does this all mean? That rumored celebs seen in L.A. (Todd Chrisley, Juan Pablo Di Pace, Joe Amabile, etc.) are likely to be paired with pros that are in L.A. – so for those of you asking if Grocer Joe is Sharna’s partner, know that he’s currently in L.A…and she is in Nashville…you do the math.  Will update if/when we hear more.

Discuss 🙂