DWTS Season 27 Cast Announcement LIVE BLOG!!

Okay, kids, I’m back…for a couple days before I fly off to Italy!!  I will miss the premiere by a couple days, but I’ll hopefully catch up quick and get Dancing by the Numbers out in a timely fashion. 🙂

I’ve only been partially paying attention to all of Courtney’s hard work so far this season. Let’s just say that I have a very large client at work that is taking ALL of my time. Hopefully, my schedule will normalize now that we’ve hired some more people. Working weekends gets old very fast.

Anyway, Grocery Story Joe was confirmed last night during Bachelor in Paradise – I watch the Bachelor Franchise largely to make fun of shallow people who are rather pathetic…but I do like him A LOT. He’s cute and he’s funny.   Chris Harrison – give me a BREAK! I’m sure you’re totally responsible for getting Joe a spot on DWTS like you claimed. :::rolls eyes::: Courtney is speculating he’s with Jenna – this would be a hot couple. I sure hope he has some ability, cuz girlfriend can choreograph and I want to see some good dances.

In addition to Joe, we have Milo Manheim dancing with Witney – no clue who he is but he’s cute, so hopefully they will be fun. They were apparently announced on GMA yesterday morning. Also announced on GMA was Val dancing with Nancy McKeon from Facts of Life – she seems cool. Let’s hope that being engaged has softened Val – tempered the extreme arrogance. I ask a lot, I know. 🙂

Our source says that Keo is dancing with Evanna Lynch from Harry Potter (in which she was awesome). If you are a HP fan and you’re having trouble with the name, think Luna Lovegood. 🙂

We’ll be getting underway soon – if you want to kill some time, you can check out Courtney’s prediction post to see what she thinks is going to happen.

Okay…sheepish update. I totally overslept and everything you see above was written last night.  :::sigh:::  I’ve been working too hard.

Did we have this one?? I don’t remember hearing this name before….

Oh, this dude is hot…