PureDWTS Season 27 – IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Watch the Cast Announcement on GMA/the Pros on GMA Day

So admittedly, Heidi & I’s coverage of the cast announcement this morning kind of fell apart – so thanks to those who stuck with us 🙂 I was tied up in meetings all day, but I wanted to make sure these got posted.

My overall thoughts? Milo just seems like a great kid: down to earth, easygoing, and upbeat. DeMarcus & Lindsay have a good energy about them.  I didn’t know anything about Evanna prior to this morning, but after watching this, I’d love to have a girl’s night with her. Mary Lou grated on my nerves. Alexis & Danelle seem a bit subdued. Juan Pablo looks like a contender, and Tinashe as well, as long as she can connect with the audience.

The actual announcement. Evanna, Juan Pablo, Tinashe, & DeMarcus all looking pretty good.

I think we’re missing a section where they talked to some of the cast (they showed video of DeMarcus and a cute video the Facts of Life girls made for Nancy), but here’s where they talked to the second half of the cast. Cameos by Dierks Bentley (wishing Bobby well) and Candace & Jodie (cheering on Juan Pablo), some inspirational stories from Danelle & Alexis, and kind of an awkward line of questing with Jenna that had me wondering for a second if she was preggers:

Then they had the celebs play just kind of a weird “13 questions” game that saw everything from Milo juggling to Juan Pablo’s worst dance move to Evanna’s Spongebob phobia:

Later in the day, the pros appeared on the new GMA Day show, which is taking the place of The Chew.