Dancing with the Stars Season 27, Week TWO, Night 2 – LIVE BLOG!

Feeling much better this evening, but I sure do hope this is the last week of four hours of DWTS – I ain’t got THAT much time, people!  🙂

T-minus ten minutes…

Loved that opening number, despite the very nearly crashing couples. Loved Blue Man Group being included. One of my first thoughts was…thank god the women aren’t all blonde anymore. They’re only half blonde. 🙂

Love all the outfits except Nancy’s…dear lord. Tom is still saying ONE couple, so maybe our intel was wrong. He did say that the scores and votes tonight would determine who is eliminated next week.

Juan Pablo is up first for Vegas night, dancing to Peggy Lee’s “Why don’t you do right” – a foxtrot. Love the song, but Cheryl has weird panels again. I think they’re too dark for her actual skin. Love the dress otherwise. Excellent turn combination. A good dance all the way around, but he’s not connecting with me just yet.

Len would have liked a stronger frame and clearer footwork, but says he’s first class and will be back next week. Bruno is…Bruno, with the words sultry and retained elegance and slickness. WTF is Bruno wearing??? CAI says he’s impressive, the way he seasons the movement, great nuances, pizazz. I will say…he’s dressing to the right. 😉

Okay, shut up now JP…no preachy preachy. He scores a 26 out of 30…really? Okay, I guess.

Why do you torture me with Donny Osmond, DWTS? Why?

Celine Dion pimps Milo and Witney while they lose their minds in a very cute and not at all scripted way. 🙂 No, seriously.

They’re doing a Tango to Celine’s “Ashes – remix”. LOVE these outfits, especially the black at the bottom. This guy can DANCE!! Really a first rate Tango, I’m not seeing any obvious problems…although he could close his mouth. 🙂

Oh he was having trouble breathing, that explains the mouth. Bruno is raving about them being on fire. More passion than JP manages to get from anyone. Calls him a leading man. CAI says she loves this season and that Milo has a range of performance style and grace, his lines are ridiculous. And Len is leaving. LOL. Len is saying that he hits every nuance in the music, but his bottom is sticking out but he’s dancing down – I didn’t see this at all. He might be on crack. 🙂

He gets a 26 to tie with JP – 52 out of 60 for both nights. Not too shabby.

Oh crap, here comes Donny the camera hog. He pimps his own Vegas show that has been running for 11 years. That explains the crazy ass fans that used to haunt this site.

Cool little bit from Blue Man Group with paint. 🙂

Danelle talking about her vision, what there is of it – and it’s not a lot. Makes what she does more impressive. One thing about Donny, he is very kind to Danelle and I appreciate that. Arten has the troupe girls subtly guiding Danelle and the guys carrying her down the stairs, and it all works for me. She’s doing MUCH better tonight than she did last night. She lost it a bit at the end, but I think all the people threw her off. Artem is doing a great job with her, IMO. These dances are SO short, that it’s hard to have a ton of content.

CAI loves how they used the space. The first pass was fluid and graceful. It’s touching. Len raves, he liked it. Bruno says she got a good hand and that she was enjoying herself.

Tom talks to Danelle about how it looks like she’s making direct eye contact and she explains how she does that, and that it means a lot to her. Fascinating!

Finally she gets a 7 from CAI, for a total for 19.

Hmmmm…okay, that explains the quiet return from commercial – they talk about last year’s Vegas shooting.

Alexis up next…and again, the rockin’ body. I might have a girl crush on her. 🙂 She’s doing salsa and this is not good news for someone who is a model. This is usually not in their wheelhouse. Cross my fingers for her.

Excellent lift and she’s moving far better than I expected. She doesn’t have much of a Joanna Krupa’s stiffness. And yea another excellent lift! That was a really, really good salsa!!

Len loves it, says she was working her assets. 🙂 Bruno says she’s bootylicious, the lifts were great, Cirque ‘d solie meets salsa. CAI is talking about flexibility works for her and against her, she has great lines. Again, she’s verging on incomprehensible.

I think Alexis is the first of the night to get Erin time. Must be on schedule. Erin is kind of rambling too…there must be a lot of talk in their ears tonight. Why were the judges just open mouthed?? WTF??

Alexis gets a 24 and I feel like she just got hosed….should have been a 9 in there as it was every bit as good as JP, IMO.

Emma looks oddly amazing as Elvis. That is all.

For those keeping track, JP and Milo got the same scores as last night, while Alexis got one point less and Danelle got one point more. If they are combining judges scores and last night’s votes to determine who gets eliminated, they’ve done nothing to really change much so far.

Obviously, Emma and John are dancing to Elvis…a Jive. Emma’s hair in the rehearsal video is looking pretty amazing.

Takes a bit of time to get into Jive content, but it works for John. Whoa. A whole lot of elvis in that stage. Emma is great with coming up with storylines and choreo that works for her partners, but that was a bit light on Jive. But dang, it was entertaining as hell. When the blue Elvi came out I was like “what””

Bruno talking about multiple Elvis’ and Tom says the plural is Elvi, which is what I said. Bruno comments on lost Jive content. CAI says not as good as last night and his arms are too small. Len comments on two dances in one week is an enormous challenge and when he thinks about that John did a great job. That’s a very kind way of saying it sucked. Production leaving their mics open as they head to Erin.

BTW, they are the second couple to get Erin time. Yes, Emma, you guys are weird together, but I like it. They get a score of 20 which seems fair based on the lack of Jive content.

Loved the bumper from the DWTS Jr crew!!

DeMarcus is up next with a quickstep to Boyz II Men performing live!! WANYA!!!!

Don’t worry DeMarcus, you have a great shot at winning the whole thing. Only complaint about live singers is that it takes a while for the dance to start, but he’s doing a great job. I’m not seeing any obvious mistakes or errors or any stiffness. This dance seems to suit him.

Dang production, turn their mics OFF. CAI comments on his shoulders, and a few moments of out of syncness (don’t agree). Len comments on his arm placement and he starts to lose his neck. Lindsay takes the blame. Too much discussion kids. Len says to perfect some of these little things. Bruno says there were some imperfections but he has cool self assurance and star quality (agreed).

No Erin time for him!! He gets a 23 with a 7 from Len which is just rubbish. And again, TURN OFF THEIR MICS, PRODUCTION!! Dang, I don’t need to hear every single word the pros say…it’s kinda distracting.

Joe is up with a jazz routine. “The Gambler” is their song. Joe says dancing is a gamble for him. LOL.

Glass choreography. Okay. Joe is sadly very off tie, but cool throw/lift and Jenna is working very had. Not a horrible dance, but the dude has no rhythm. He has half of Bachelor Nation in the audience rooting him on.

Len says it was entertaining, Jenna’s throw was “scary” – he says “good job, well done”. Bruno says it was a good jazz/contemporary mix, says he still needs to come out of his shell. Need to have courage of his intentions. CAI loves watching him walk over after the dance because he felt good about what he did. He says not really. 🙂 She notes he was off tempo and tells him not to stop between moves. She saw improvement.

He gets Erin time. I’m trying to figure out how they decide who gets what, honestly. Joe gets an 18. Erin said “let’s get your fake scores” and I was like WTF?? Apparently that’s what she says during dress rehearsal. 🙂 I was concerned for a moment. 🙂

Evanna and Keo have a desert Jive for us. “Heat Wave” is their song. Evanna is psyched for jive, says she’s been doing jive her whole life – badly. LOL.

Dang, that was a very good jive – I didn’t see too many problems with it!! She had one uncertain spot, but other than that, she was all in. Love the hair too.

Bruno says well done, way to go. CAI says it was a great performance, but she should be careful of her musicality. Len says it could be cleaner in places, but it was right on time and high energy.

I love Evanna, she’s so happy. She gets Erin time. And she scores a 24. Kinda feel like she should have gotten one 9. they’re kinda holding her down a bit.

Bobby is up next with a quickstep to that “Old Black Magic” which doesn’t seem to go with quickstep. Hmmm.

Oh this is the one where they saw Hayley in half. Cool!! But it took a long time to get to the dancing. Love their outfits, very elegant. And he’s doing amazingly well, although he best be careful, looked like Sharna was going to take flight. Oh, and Hayley is back in one piece! That was likely his best dance.

CAI says he is very entertaining but asks him to tone it down, she’d like to see more of his form. Shut up, Bobby. Len says a bit of quickstep,a bit of Siegfried and Roy, well done. Bruno says to be gentle with Sharna, tone it down and refine – agreed.

They go straight to scores and he gets a 19 out of 30 – seems fair, although I might have given him one more point for improvement.

Nancy and Val are doing a Paso to Ka, a Cirque d’ Soliel song/act. These two actually go to Vegas for inspiration.

Takes a long time for Nancy to be involved with the dance, which seems to be a thing tonight. She’s just not very into the steps, especially when side by side with Val. She’s not hitting it very hard. She seems to actually do better on her own. Not a bad dance, but a bit soft for a Paso.

Len says well done for dancing in that weather. 🙂 Len says it needs more finesse, but good dance. Bruno starts talking about a bunch of movies, he loved the stories, but she threw away the shapes. Good attempt. CAI disagrees that she threw away her shapes, loves when a woman can hang with the men. Disagree with that. Love Nancy’s humor about spending time with the men.

She gets a 20 out of 30 for that dance. Again, the judges are not straying too much from what they did last night.

The costuming department is working overtime as tinashe looks AMAZING in purple. She’s doing a cha cha to Brittany Spears.

Love Brandon’s hat. Love that they get right to the dancing. Damn, she’s a great dancer. And very flexible. 🙂 Okay, that was a great dance. Loved it!!

Bruno says she has him under her spell, mesmerizing and bewitching. Talking about her musicality – very original. CAI agrees with Bruno, the way the music moves through her body, she generates energy and heat. Len says it’s another knock out performance, she’s terrific – but there’s a tad of sameness about the dances. He wants to be shocked. Come on, Len. The music choices aren’t hers or Brandon’s. Dude!!

She gets Erin time. Apparently Tinashe elbowed Brandon in the eye. 🙂 Bruno acting crazy, auditioning for Brittany’s music video. Anyway…Tinashe gets a 26. Same as last night. And still the judges don’t waver from last night except for a point one way or the other on a few couples.

Mary Lou up next with a Barry Manilow Samba. Copa Cabana…one of my most hated songs ever. Sorry, I was alive when it came out an it was over played to an extreme.

I suspect Derek will be very happy with the female troupe costumes. This is a decent samba, at least they get into it right away. I see no obvious issues, she’s just not as comfortable as some of the other women (and men). Good job!

CAI says she’s so fun to watch and she makes it look so easy. Len says that was a proper, proper samba, with lots of recognizable steps. He says he loved it, and he wished everyone would do what she does. Bruno says she kept the party mood. It was a party number with a perfect ending for a party night.

Mary Lou gets a 24 which is one of the few the two point improvements.

Jeopardy: John and Emma
Jeopardy: Danelle and Artem

Everyone else is safe and are coming back to dance.

Eliminated: Danelle and Artem

I’m going to have to rewind to determine what exactly happened here, but apparently the online voting was wonky and was not included last night. They were seriously running out of time, since only two couples were in jeopardy. I seriously doubt that John was an actual bottom two – I suspect the third jeopardy person would have been more interesting.

Okay, I rewound. Tom says…due tech difficulties the PHONE vote is unavailable and this is all online voting and judges scores. The ending was overall AWKWARD – too rushed and it seemed that Danelle couldn’t tell what was going on, really. Get it together, DWTS. Don’t treat people like that.

Great Job, Artem – you have earned my respect this season.