PureDWTS Season 27, Week 2 – Nikki Glaser Does the Joe Rogan Podcast, Spills Some Tea

So Nikki was on the Joe Rogan podcast yesterday, and naturally the subject of DWTS came up.  I gotta say – I really feel for Nikki now.  I think I thought she was cool with how it all went down, based on how gracefully she seemed to accept her elimination, but it turns out she was actually pretty hurt by Len’s comments in particular.  Apparently Gleb also said something that stung a bit.  Also worth noting: Joe makes a very good point about the laws governing reality shows, and reaffirms what Heidi & I have been saying for awhile: you can’t just “rig” the votes.  Worth a watch – DWTS talk starts at the 9:00 mark: