Dancing with the Stars Season 27, Week THREE – LIVE BLOG!

So, who’s it going to be?? Both Court and I have had our say in the Power Rankings and DBTN…are we in for a surprise??

Sorry folks, got to drinking wine and chatting with the neighbors so I’m running a bit behind. Hopefully I’ll catch up!!

Mary Lou chooses 1984 – no shock there! She apparently had knee surgery 6 weeks before. Wow.

I actually see a lot of improvement in Mary Lou, but I wish she would point her toes…it’s kinda distracting.

Should I skip the judges to catch up?? Perhaps….

She gets a 24 which seems about right to me.

Milo is next with 2018, because of his movie, etc.  This is concerning because he’s so young. Viewers are suckers…including me. But he’s so good that hopefully it won’t matter.

“Wittles”. LOL.  That’s good. Oh he has a lot to live up to with this song. So far, so good. Like the opening choreo. I also like that it’s a jive . This kid can really move and that backflip off the desk was terrifying. The only thing that gives him away as a non-pro is his hands. They are not bad, but they look like Witney’s instead of, say, Artem’s. 🙂

Oh, CAI….okay I agree about the arm. Otherwise, the judges are raving, as they should.

You know, if Erin would STFU, the kid could talk. Milo scores a 27 – well deserved.

So far, Marylou has the same score and Milo has gone up by a point – no impact,  most likely.

Nancy is up next with Lucas Graham singing and her year is 2006 the “year her family was complete”. She moved to a ranch and have great kids. That’s refreshing that it’s not about the TV show with her. She’s doing a rumba…and it annoys me how the live singers distract from the dance.

Her dress is beautiful. She’s making some pretty shapes, but it seems Val always makes his rumbas too hard.  He mistakes “slow” for “soft” and I don’t find the to be the same. But…that was a very lovely dance. I liked it!! But then, I like Nancy.

CAI loved it, and she gets the “hips” critique…and Val gets some Tea from Bruno which I love. 🙂

Trios next week!! Hold the phone – they “Make” the contestants watch the video. That seems like bullshit. This is one of those times that I wonder if Derek would have been there talking in his partners ear to distract or focus them.

Val, shut it.  Nancy scores a 22, which is two points higher than last week. This is a significant change – one that could save her if Joe stays the same. Stay tuned.

Oh goodie, Maddie Ziegler. :::rolls eyes:::  She’s announcing that she’s dancing in Alexis’ trio next week if they make it through. How great. :::sarcasm::: It’s pimp the Ziegler’s week.

Alexis’s MMY is 2014 when her mom got cancer and passed. Devastating. Why do they “make” them watch this? Despicable.  Alan is a good boy.

This is a beautiful dance with a great throw. Contemporary really suits her. Wow That actually made me cry. Beautiful. Great job, Allen.

Len giving her some great compliments, likes the lifts. Bruno raving, CAI talking legacies and elegance. She scores a 26 which should insulate her from the Joe’s and Bobby’s of the world.

This is a nice touch, all the pros talking about their most memorable years.

Next up is Evanna with Harry Potter.  2006 is when she booked it – can’t believe it’s been that long. Pen pals with J.K. Rowling. Jesus.  Saved her from an eating disorder.   Come on, Keo – live up to this music.

This music still gives me chills. I like how her dress reminds me of the Hogwarts robes. She’s having fun and she’s doing very well. She seems like she’s feeling the music. Well done!!

Damn, Bruno is up on his HP lingo!! He seems to like the dance a lot. He raves. CAI notes her performance has grown a lot – agreed. She hit all the notes on this one. Len calls it powerful but with the elegance. He says it was a magic performance. Yay!!

Scores: a 27!! And that should insulate her as well!! Excellent!  Three points higher than last week.

Okay, I think I’m caught up. Everything pretty much hinges on Bobby and Joe’s scores. Stay tuned!!

Here we go…Joe is up next. His MMY is this year, I guess obviously. Kendall is involved, of course. Being a long time bachelor watcher, I wonder how long after DWTS she dumps him. Or vice versa.

Oh, it’s not distracting at all to have those two singers standing up there next to you. Joe is actually sowing some improvement, but there’s still a problem that I can’t put my finger one. Maybe he’s thinking too hard. But it is better than it has been, and he’s moving more than he has in the past. If I was Jenna I’d be pissed about Leona’s dress being large and gorgeous.

CAI being very kind…and accurate. Len says he sees a more confident Joe (true) but he would like more VW. Bruno notes he got moving and he just needs to work on the quality of movement. Tom notes that he’s reached a level of comfort and ease and Joe says he feels better.

He gets an 18 which might seal his fate…or that of someone near him on the leader board.

Juan Pablo is up next, but first a mini numbers update. If Bobby gets the same score as last week, there is less than 4k votes between him and Joe. Nancy is now 15,500 votes ahead of Bobby. Safe? Hard to say.

Juan Pablo is dancing Samba and of corse he’s handling it very well, including the Samba rolls…but he still does nothing for me. No, I don’t know why. He’s just not connecting.

Judges over the top rave. Yeah, he did a great job. So what? A perfect score?? Yep, and all it does is make me wonder if he was in trouble with the voters. Hmmmm…..

Bwahahahahahah….sorry Jenna.

Oh, John – this is a sad story. I hate moms dying. I remember how it felt to lose my dad. Pain. No matter how old you are.

Lovely waltz, Emma once again shines making her partner look good. Seems to me that John is looking much better than he has in the past as well, and he’s putting a lot of emotion into it, although he rushed and raised his shoulders there for a moment.

Bruno calls it very moving, talks about his good touch, but wonderful. CAI is very touched as well…is she talking about a lift? No, his posture – this I noticed as well. Len likes the sentiment, and the elegance…and notes the music was tricky. Says he needs to polish.

I kinda love him, I think. 🙂  He scores a 21, which is only one point above last week.


Joe needs the following to be safe….currently:

11.4k more than John
15.2k more than Nancy
22.8 more than Mary Lou

Everything kinda hinges on Bobby right now. And he’s up next talking about his high school years. Before his mom died she got her GED because he graduated from High School.

The kid singer is a nice touch. He’s dancing contemporary which is a lucky break. He blows the sync a bit. I’m not getting a lot of emotion from the dance like I did from the package. Maybe I’m jaded? Why am I thinking about “Dear Evan Hansen”???

CAI is raving…Joe is in trouble. Len talks about the “little guy” singing and not liking a bed in the dance, but he’s saying it’s Bobby’s best dance. Bruno calls it honest, real and that contemporary suits his body. They all like it.

He scores 23 which might take him out of reach of Joe. Let’s see….here we are.

Joe vs. John 1.12% 11,194
Joe vs. Nancy 1.49% 14,925
Joe vs. Bobby 1.87% 18,657
Joe vs. Mary Lou 2.24% 22,388
Joe vs. Alexis 2.99% 29,851
Joe vs. Milo/Evanna 3.36% 33,582

Now, provided that I haven’t made any errors in my haste to do this, it’s not looking good for Joe. When only DeMarcus and Tinashe are left, it’s likely decided.  It could still be Nancy, but it just got a lot harder. Possible that it’s John, since Val has a somewhat bigger fanbase than Emma. We’ll see!

Dang, Tinashe is a prodigy! A celebratory rumba?? This is a new idea, I think. Her parents are gorgeous, I can see where she got it from.

This is a lovely dance, although she might get the “more hips” critique from Len. She’s not extending it all the way out. But this was a beautiful dance, regardless.

Len saw lots of recognizable rumba and says it was her best dance. Bruno liked the tonality, elegance and the liquid movement. CAI gets the sense she is unstoppable – agreed.

She gets a 27 which I think may be a crime, that she’s three points below JP – makes me wonder all the more if he’s not getting the votes. Curious.

Anyway, that’s the same score Tinashe got last week so that has no impact on the numbers. Unless DeMarcus craters, I think the writing may be on the wall for Joe. If Joe is called safe, I would be worried for Nancy or John. Bobby is an outside shot.

DeMarcus and Lindsay doing a AT based on 2016…and there isn’t much time left so it’s going to be “wham bam thank you ma’am” once again at the end of the show.

Pregnancy troubles, adoption, they get pregnant (Yay!) and then he goes to the Super Bowl. Lovely story. They’re his driving force. Love it.

Wow. Powerful opening picture for this dance, and the lift was amazing!!!  Jesus. This dance is quite intense. Lindsay once again cements her states on this show. Best choreographer currently on the show. HOLY CRAP!! That was fantastic!! If that’s not a 30, I riot.

Bruno says that was super human and mind blowing, but he says he was stalking like a panther. CAI says it’s not typical, but she likes the interpretation. Len says the lifts were amazing, he’s never going to have a fight with him (good thing), but they were so great. He loves this whole evening, great dancing. He’s going to screw him over on the score.

And he scores….BULLSHIT!!! An 8!!!!! Len, are you kidding me?? The other two are no better with their 9’s. I see we’ve reached the bullshit portion of the season where Che…I mean JP needs to be protected. Give me a break.

Nancy and Val in Jeopardy.

Tinashe and Brandon in Jeopardy.

Everyone else is safe? Shit.

Eliminated: Nancy and Val.

I’m so unbelievably pissed at DeMarcus’ score that I almost can’t see straight. You??