Dancing with the Stars Season 27, Week FOUR – LIVE BLOG!

Hi all!! You’ll note that I didn’t do a “dancing by the numbers” this week, mainly because they’re using this weeks scores with last weeks votes and that means the DBTN post doesn’t reflect any large changes in scores. So, I’ll be keeping an eye on the numbers during the show and let you know where I think it’s going. Then, I’ll do a retrospective post as it’s needed if any weirdness happens. Cool?

That said, I think it could be any of Courtney’s bottom three to go home this week – I’m leaning more toward Mary Lou, but it’s really critical to see how badly Joe scores. If he’s low enough relative to everyone else, it could be him. All three of them will depend heavily on the scoring differences between them. We’ll see!

Ugh. Too much Val. Love how they introduced the couples with their trio partner. Very good to see some of them again…Nastia, Amy and Rashad….and Riker, to name a few.

Juan Pablo is up first. Will they horrendously over score him once again?? Is it him or is it Cheryl?? I seem to recall this is not the first time they ridiculously shoved one of her partners down our throat….he was a latino as well, I recall.

Sorry, can’t stop watching the girls. Is JP in this dance? This is a well choreographed dance, and it’s well danced, but he just does nothing for me. And it seemed like it went on forever, honestly.

Len loves it, of course – but he does want more content. No perfect score this week. Whose bottom are we talking about Len? Bruno is, of course, drooling. Geez, CAI with the boobage. And she’s not terribly impressed with this dance…and then says it worked for him. :::rolls eyes:::

Score: 24 Hmmmmm….what are they playing at here, I wonder. That seems low, yet not.

Tinashe, Amy and Brandon up next…Tinashe worried about jeopardy. I’ve missed you Amy!! And yes, I do follow your fox’s instagram. 🙂

Brandon is doing some interesting things here. When the three of them are together, that is very reminiscent of something Derek has done in the past, but then his shapes when he was up on the table was different. I’m afraid he might get called out for not using the third person well at times.

Bruno likes the structure – I think I do as well, except for the one or two moments that were absent the third. CAI says this is the most innovative choreography – again agreed. Tinashe is just amazing as is Amy and Brandon has serious potential. He might be the only male pro who is heir to the Hough/Ballas dynasty. Len is very complimentary, but making a comment on the neck once again.

Tinashe scores a 26 – Len’s the lowball with an 8 which seems a tad ridiculous. Also not thrilled that they had Tinashe dancing second. Of course, dancing 3rd is worse, but still.

Oh, John…dancing in the third position. Yikes. But he does have Joey Fatone. 🙂 Joey says he’s “rusty”…this I can believe, but he’s hilarious. They’re having a great bromance though. Poor Emma.

Nice opening by Emma there although it looked like there might have been an issue. Very nice use of three people Emma!! This girl really knows how to work with what she’s given very well. WOW!!! That was Really good!! I’m so impressed. And I will be really upset if John leaves after that!

Come ON, CAI!! She says it starts messy, but then she recognizes that it picks up with the violins and this is a new side of John. Geez, she makes too big a deal of the first couple beats of the dance. After that it was excellent. Len also calls it a greek tragedy at the very start, but he says there was no messing about they went straight into the dance, it had passion, attack and he liked it. Bruno calls it a melodrama and comments that the lifts were messy but this was a hard dance. They are being, IMO, overly harsh. I thought that dance was excellent. They be pissing me off.

A 21?!?!?! Horribly underscored by at least three points. Bastards.

Not at all impressed that we get to see the “male pros” dance – so full of yourselves, Gleb and Val.

Mini-numbers update: Assuming that Joe does no better this week than last week, he needs 12.6k more votes per million votes cast to beat John and be safe for the week. Of course, a lot hinges on not just what Joe scores, but how Mary Lou and Bobby do. Also, Alexis NEEDS to score high to keep herself out of shocking elim territory.

And our flag corps performs a bumper prior to the band…wait. DWTS not high school football. 😉

Jesus. A number screw up for John. That’s just great.

The cutie Evanna up next dancing with Pansy Parkinson! SYLTHERIN in da HOUSE!! I thought this was a risk, not having a former DWTS person as part of the trio, but so far so good. Evanna is doing better every week and Pansy is holding her own although she needs some polish.

Len is saying it’s a great routine. Bruno is…Bruno. He notes that Evanna is getting better and brighter every week – very true. He says they lost sync a time or two. CAI says they look like bookends – agreed. They are very alike.

Evanna scores a 24 which seems about right. Not mad about it.

At the top of the hour – good placement – DeMarcus is up next with Rashad. This is one of the more anticipated dances of the week, IMO. Two hunky football players…and they somehow manage to break his finger. Geez. He’s not a wide receiver is he?? Oh geez, they put his finger back into place and that makes my legs feel funny.

Okay, Lins, don’t let me down….bit of a sync issue at the start, but love these two guys dancing together. Pretty seamless transition there. And they vastly improve the sync as the dance goes on. Nice ending too!!

Bruno’s having trouble concentrating. No surprise. 🙂 Awesome power, but needs some artistry, lost some of it. CAI loves the showcasing of the physiques and the physicality, but lacking some individuality or some other shit that I can’t figure out. Len is being actually funny. He’s liking the content…likes the guns but not always the ammunition. He says it was flimsy on occasion. But for attitude and attack it’s great dancing.

Judges give him a 22 which is utterly ridiculous once again. Gotta keep him well below JP. Jesus.

Mini-numbers: There is currently less than 5k votes per million votes cast between John and DeMarcus. This means that DeMarcus is likely easily safe, as are Evanna and probably Tinashe. Not so sure about JP – why are they over scoring him??

Mary Lou, Nastia and Sasha up next. Wow – had no idea that Nastia and Mary Lou were that tight, but I guess it makes sense. ML is having some trouble with the Charleston. Girl, there ain’t no perfect. Nastia looking good.

Sasha taking a while to get to the trio idea. Once he does, it’s part good and part not so good. I feel like there was a bit of a struggle pulling this one together.

CAI says this week was better?? Really?? Not sure I agree with that. Seems bizarre. Len says the charleston needed more swivel but Len is happy. Bruno says it has a taste of italy – where does he come up with this? He’s also very complimentary.

ML not getting Erin time….a 26?!?!?! What the actual fuck was that?? Is she going home?? That’s a ridiculous score. That puts her tied at the top of the leader board?? With Tinashe?? In WHAT UNIVERSE???

Milo and Riker up next. These two should be a good pairing. Similar height and age. And similar ability.

Okay, very fierce and very fast and so far, very good. Not sure why she didn’t have Milo in front right away, but she makes up for it. Wow. I’m loving this one. Witney has upped her game. Great throw. LOVE how Riker and Milo check in with each other. Fantastic. Should be the high score of the night. So far.

Len calls Witney a frisbee, attack and in control. Would have liked more hip action which CAI clearly thinks is crazy. Speed of music is at fault, him implies. Len says best dance of the night (agreed). Bruno says it was salsational. 😀 He raves and calls it perfection. CAI says team work makes the dreamwork, they were feeling it. She’s incomprehensible again. But in a good way.

And he gets a 29 – Len runs it with a 9, but I can’t be too mad about it. High score of the night so far. Hard to beat. Excellent.

Mini-numbers update: Well, we’re over 30k votes per million votes cast for Joe to pass Tinashe, Mary Lou or Milo if he gets a similar score to what he got last week. I think those three are likely safe. He needs 26k or more to beat JP or Evanna – I tend to think they are safe. We’ll see.

Joe and Jordan are doing salsa – serious train wreck potential. “Salsa sexy”?? 😀

Oh god. It’s worse than we thought – and Jordan can’t get his shirt off. I don’t think I can watch more of this. You know you’re in trouble when you have to bring in Val and Gleb and Water. LOL.

Bruno calls it a unique experience. Um. Yeah. The dancing was an extra that may or may not be included. Timing – nonexistent. CAI says Jenna gets MVP – cuz she had so little to work with. She can’t find the words. Len is speechless. He says it’s hard to put into words what he thought. He does compliment Jenna for her work with…nothing. 🙂

Score: “please send him home” 15

Numbers update: If that 15 doesn’t send Joe home we’re in deep shit. He now needs 25k more votes to beat John, 30k to beat DeMarcus, 38k to beat JP and/or Evanna, 47k to beat Tinashe and/or Mary Lou, and a whopping 57k to beat Milo. At this point, if it’s anyone other than Joe, that person was getting no votes. But we’ll check again in a few minutes. Keep in mind that I’m doing this so fast there could be an error in my numbers somewhere.

Alexis (who I love) up next with Maddie Ziegler (who I can’t stand) – what a conflict. 🙂 Poor Alan, these girls are out to get him.

Maddie is a professional dancer and she’s not doing great at matching Alexis. She didn’t get the memo. And she needs to close in on alan. Nice picture on the bridge of the song. He’s got some good choreo going on here, and all in all this is a very good effort. I’m digging it, minus some nitpicks. Maddie definitely not a ballroom dancers but I expect more from a dancer of her caliber.

CAI says she wanted to see them dance as one – she saw three solos. I think I agree with that and that’s on Maddie and Alan, I just hope that Alexis doesn’t suffer for it. Len seems to really like it, says that sometimes in hold the head needs to go to the left. Bruno says he saw a guy who empowered his girls. He has a lot of compliments actually. He really liked it.

Alan is oddly charming. 🙂 Alexis scores a 25, thanks to Bruno’s 9.

Numbers update: Not a lot to add. Here’s where we are:
Joe needs 60k votes to beat Milo
Joe needs more than 42k to beat Alexis, Tinashe and Mary Lou
Joe needs more than 38k to beat JP or Evanna
Joe needs more than 29k to beat DeMarcus
Joe needs more than 25k to beat John
So, as of right now it’s either Joe or John and if it’s not Joe, be afraid, be very afraid. We’ll see how Bobby fits in here momentarily.

Bobby seems oddly stiff in the beginning of this dance. Sharna is doing what she can, but I don’t think she has the same skill that Emma, Lindsay and Witney do. She’s not having as much success making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Not horrible, really, but using Hammer choreo.

Len says the Cha cha part is not good, he needs more finesse. Bruno says it was like a tribute act. He says it’s fun watching Bobby – not anymore, IMO. CAI says the world is a better place because he’s in it. She says his technique was nonexistent but he didn’t miss a step. Um, what??

Hello, the clock!??!? Bobby gets a 20. Meaning Joe needs 22k to beat him.

Jeopardy: Evanna and Keo.

Jeopardy: Tiashe and Brandon


Eliminated: Tinashe and Brandon.

Well there is your shocking elimination for this season. Just plain wrong. The judges did what they could, it was the audience that fucked this one up.

I will do a more thorough numbers post later this week so we can dissect exactly what happened here. Beside Tinashe just not getting the votes. Many KUDOS to Brandon though – he has SERIOUS potential as a choreographer. Best job of the male pros this season and he’s a newbie. Sad to see him and Tinashe go.