Dancing with the Stars Season 27, Week SIX – LIVE BLOG!

So, will they do a double tonight to make up for the lack of an elimination last week?? That would be a trick…or a treat, depending on who it is that goes home. 🙂

T-minus 15 minutes.

This is a pretty cute opening number, I must say. Very long though – wonder how many takes it took. 🙂

Going right into the show with Milo and Witney…he’s cute. Is Witney’s hair gray?   Looks like it in spots. Looks good though.

Funny story about ghost hunter shows.  Me and my sis watched a couple a couple christmases ago. We spent the next several days going “Did ya hear that??” every time we saw each other 🙂

Milo looks creepy. Wasn’t sure about the choreo at first, too frantic, but it improved after he broke her back.  All in all, an excellent dance.

Well, Len loves it, says he’ll be back next week. Bruno calls it “insanely good” and impeccably acted. CAI says it was beautifully mature, nuanced performance. I would agree with all of them.

Scores….10, 10, and 10.  Well done. Well earned.

John’s up next and his costume is kinda cool. This package is pretty hilarious, him trying to follow Emma’s story. And Emma’s violent tendencies.

Wasn’t sure how this was going to work, but so far so good! Very fast for a Paso, it seems. OMG, I am loving this. I love when all the knights start dancing – it’s like a cartoon or something. Freakin’ awesome dance!!  Wow…I loved that.

Bruno is doing Bruno…ending in carnage. He says there were so many mistakes, nearly dropping her, etc.  He lost refinement. But he went for it.  CAI says her heart breaks, that there was content, but he never got his feet under him.  One of his roughest performance. I feel that’s pretty much bullshit.  John is very gracious.  No John, the judges don’t always know what they’re talking about.  Len says it was neither super or natural, but he thinks everything he did in hold was fantastic. It needed more posture.

Not sure why they went so hard after John. I thought that was awesome – I’m with Erin.  He gets 6, 7, 6 which is utter bullshit. A 9 for that dance? Bogus!

Mini-numbers: There are currently 50k votes per million votes cast between John and Milo. As the scores change, this will change. This was calculated using everyone who hasn’t danced yet scores from last week with John and Milo’s scores from this week.

Impromptu musical number with Hayley and Gleb doing a beautiful dance. Lovely.

DeMarcus up next with a cemetery salsa. 🙂

Geez, Linds, this is a pretty morbid theme, girl!!  LOL.

Okay, I lost everything I wrote when the site froze…through my own fault though, I think. 🙂  I loved his dance, I thought he did very well. He missed a few steps at the beginning and I saw Artem watching him to try to match his moves. The judges seemed to love it.

And he got a 26 out of 30!! That’s great!  And a 9 from Len!

LOL – the bit with the elevator was genius. And Wit, I saw you get scared. I think Jenna’s screaming scared Joe way more than the spider did.

The dance did go well, Evanna – you’re getting screwed, m’dear.  But keep your chin up and go for it!! I think you’re a doll.

Tango time! She looks amazing.  She’ll looking pretty sharp and crisp. A leg problem there, not sure what it was. Still a little ahead in spots but so minor.  Again, this feels fast for a Tango.  Excellent dance, IMO. I loved it.

Len says there is plenty of content, it was sharp. She sold the whole dance. Bruno is making cat moves at her, talking about wild panthers, talking about how strong and sexy she was and her lines were great. CAI says Evanna is on fire, fierce and stepping up to the plate.  You just did say what your score was, CAI.

YAY!!!! 29 out of 30…Len is the party pooper with a 9.

Mini-Numbers Update: John is WAY behind the other three who have danced as you might guess.  He needs 32k more votes per million to get past DeMarcus, 45k Evanna and 49k Milo.  If it weren’t such a crazy season, I would call those three safe. We’ll have to wait and see.

Vintage Jabbawockeez.  Sort of.  Seems similar to what they did on World of Dance.

Bobby is up next…whining about schedule. You’re not the first, you won’t be the last.

Argentine Tango is the dance.  Looking like a contemporary there at first.  Okay, here is yet another AT that is ruined with the WRONG music. Geez, DWTS. I think he botched a lift, there.  Sharna looks stunning. Not really a fan of this dance but it’s not their fault really.  I just don’t like it when the music seems so far off the dance style.

Bruno goes on and on, says intriguing but not really on the menu. CAI says it’s his best dance so far, authentically in the moment. Very simple AT, but she was mesmerized. Len says it has mood and atmosphere, he would have liked more AT. He liked it and the feel of it.

Score…but before that, let’s pull out the “no dance experience” canard.  What else can we whine about tonight??

Scores: 8, 7, and 7 – for a total of 22. Yes, Tom – call Len out for his obvious BS.

Mini-Numbers update: John is still on the bottom but things are looking better for him. Still not good.  Below are the percent differences and the votes needed per million votes cast.

John vs. Bobby 1.33% 13,274
John vs. Demarcus 3.10% 30,973
John vs. Evanna 4.42% 44,248
John vs. Milo 4.87% 48,673

tWitch and Allison up next. She’s as riveting as ever. tWitch ain’t no slouch either.

Mary Lou is up next and I’m sorry…I don’t quite buy into her drama.  I feel for her but she just doesn’t seem genuine. I’m not sure what it is. Now the laughing, I feel that.

Sorry, got distracted. What dance are we doing here? Tango?? Don’t get this theme at all. And she seems a bit stiff for some reason. It also seemed short. Maybe it was just me cat wrangling here.

CAI giving her respect for being vulnerable, but says the dance got away from her, too much space in the hold. And she’s rambling. Dude, she didn’t film the package yesterday. Len says she needed cleaner feet and lost her neck, but the saving grace was that it was full of Tango content. Bruno liked it – he said it’s better out. LOL. She delivered what was on the menu, but she went back into the bad habit with the neck.

Scores: 8, 8, and 8 for a total of 24.

Alexis and Alan up next with major showmance :::gag:::  I love Alexis, but I hate that they’re going this route. It’s kinda like sending 5k troops to the border a week before a major election to watch poor people get turned away. It’s a gimmick. She’s developing feelings.  This is too much for me, really.  I can’t watch…tell me when it’s over….

Wh is she dressed for Xmas? I missed that in all the showmance gunk.  Oh. Candyman.  She’s doing great with the dance, selling it. But I don’t get how this is connected to Halloween. Oh. Candy. Okay. Is that an oompa loompa?? LOL. I think she did great but I keep getting distracted by all the stuff.

Hmmm….did she just admit it was scripted??  Len loved it, lots of content, etc. Bruno loved the light relief.  Says she is effortless, no struggle, good placement.  CAI says she’s adorable, the partnership is great, there’s no struggle, her flexibility and extension are great.

Alan didn’t commit in the package and he ain’t committing here. So much for the showmance.

Scores: 9, 9, and 9 for a 27 out of 30. Hopefully that makes them safe, but who knows?

Mini-numbers update:  Well, I was saying that Alexis would be eliminated any week now because she’s so unknown, but perhaps that showmance works on the gullible?  Hard to say. Bobby and John are currently in the most trouble, as you can see below.

John vs. Bobby 1.35% 13,453
John vs. Mary Lou 2.24% 22,422
John vs. Demarcus 3.14% 31,390
John vs. Alexis 3.59% 35,874
John vs. Evanna 4.48% 44,843
John vs. Milo 4.93% 49,327

So, Val’s the big tour announcement?? LOL!!!  Anyway, I anticipate that Joe will be the low scorer, unless they decide to say “if you can’t beat them, join them” and score him higher.  Either way, thanks to showmance, I’m thinking he, Bobby and John are in trouble.  Perhaps Mary Lou since the audience seems to be eliminating all the women. Alexis still isn’t out of reach, sadly. We’ll see.

Showmance number 2 of the night. Cool concept and it certainly starts out well. He might actually be getting the steps..oops, missed one.  Excellent lift.  Jenna doing a lot of back leading and a whole lot of work, but appears to be working. And then he screws up the last lift pretty bad. One of his better dances though.

Bruno seems to like it, says it looked like an AT, and his timing was his best ever. CAI is blown away that he learned to dance from Halloween Horrors night, commitment, follow through.  Says he followed through. Len says that sometimes on the darkest days a ray of sunshine breaks through – it was his best dance. I think I would agree with that.

I think John/Bobby/Mary Lou are in trouble.  Score: 8, 7, and 7 for a total of 22. Yep, John is in deep doo doo. And so is Alexis, if it’s a surprise double.

Mini-numbers update:  Geez, Joe getting a higher score kinda hose a bunch of people, unless no one voted for him last week. Here’s what John needs (minus JP):

John vs. Bobby/Joe 1.32% 13,158
John vs. Mary Lou 2.19% 21,930
John vs. Demarcus 3.07% 30,702
John vs. Alexis 3.51% 35,088
John vs. Evanna 4.39% 43,860
John vs. Milo 4.82% 48,246

And here’s what Joe and Bobby need to be safe:

Joe/Bobby vs. Mary Lou 0.88% 8,772
Joe/Bobby vs. DeMarcus 1.75% 17,544
Joe/Bobby vs. Alexis 2.19% 21,930
Joe/Bobby vs. Evanna 3.07% 30,702
Joe/Bobby vs. Milo 3.51% 35,088

JP’s dance looks great, but back to the numbers…. Alexis is only 22k votes per million away from Joe and Bobby. John needs more than 35k per million votes cast so if it’s a single elimination she should be safe.  I tend to think that John is going home because the judges like to be right and they know Joe ain’t going. Maybe they can get him in a double next week when this weeks scores won’t matter.

If it’s a surprise double, that’s when I don’t think it’s so simple.

Judges all rave over JP and I don’t think he was in trouble in any case. Score…he’s tied with Milo for first place (and safety) with a perfect 30.

So, who’s it going to be. I hate doing numbers on the fly.  If necessary, I will do a retrospective.

Jeopardy: Mary Lou/Sasha

Jeopardy: Alexis/Alan

Was I right?

Eliminated: Mary Lou and Sasha.  I suggested it might be her in the second to last mini-numbers but I was really worried for Alexis. Perhaps I was right to be worried. I did feel bad for Alexis during the music.  Show was running a bit short so they really dragged it out.

If anyone needs me to, I can do a retrospective to explain how Mary Lou was eliminated, but it seems pretty clear. There just wasn’t much of a spread between her and the three men below her.