Dancing with the Stars Season 27, Week SEVEN – LIVE BLOG!

Thanks to Monday night football, I’m watching on a stream tonight – one that could go out at any time. So…fingers crossed. 🙂

T-minus 15 minutes to Country night!!

Great. My stream has an out of sync audio…

Oh lord, I just saw where the showmance gets even worse tonight. There’s kissing involved. :::rolls eyes:::

Liking all the costumes so far, although I did look and Jenna’s and try to figure out what was going on there. 🙂

Is that five live performances?? Geez.

Tonight’s a double elimination – no surprise there. You knew one was coming, if you’ve been paying attention at all.

John up first! Dancing to “Thank God I’m a Country Boy”. He’s in TN…which is looking as lovely as usual. 🙂 He’s making me misty talking about his kids.

I think he’s doing a great job, he’s keeping up with the pros….or they’re doing a good job of marking him. Probably both. Emma keeps the choreo relatively simple, and he handles it very well. I like it!

Oh, now I’m really crying. :::sob::: Len says that’s the way to open a show, fun and full of energy. He says it was great. Bruno says country brought the best out of him, compliments the choreo, tailor made for him. Timing was better. CAI says she was touched by the package, feels he did his best tonight. He was good tonight.

Tom is changing things up and they get their scores down on the floor. Oh boy, he gets a 25. That makes me scared.

Evanna up next with her Rumba…hoping she kills it. Performing to Carly Peirce. Pierse? Beats me.

Love hearing the South African and the Irish girl talk about what makes a country song. LOL, Keo. Hope she feels the emotion on the floor tonight, she seems to have it in rehearsal.

Exhibit A of why I don’t like live performers. Too much focus on them. Rumba has never been my favorite, but Evanna seems to be doing beautiful, her legs look great, she could do with a bit more hip action. Again, the focus on the singer.

Great, but needs more hip action I think. Let’s see what the psycho judges have to say. Bruno was standing, says she has shape shifted into a sexy irresistible woman, shapes were beautiful. Perfectly in tune with the music. CAI says what she’s doing is so good, making a transformation into a true ballroom/latin dancers, she’s embodying the technique – peaking at the right moment. Len says there was lovely articulation through the feet, her hands were excellent, he tries to look at everything but there is nothing he didn’t like.

Kelly Osborne was the reason Erin wanted to do the show – that’s an interesting tidbit. And explains some of her past comments. Evanna’s dress is gorgeous.

Scores: 10, 10, and 10 – another perfect score for Evanna. How did Keo get down there so fast!?!?

The ladies dresses in this pro dance are just gorgeous. …Well, Hayley’s and Witneys. Not crazy about Jenna’s.

JP is up next with a stunning looking Cheryl. He’s gonna be doing a Charleston which plays with country night pretty well.

Call me crazy, but Cheryl REALLY overuses the troupe. JP is a good enough dancer that he doesn’t need all that shit. I get tired of seeing all that production. And it took a while to get to Charleston content. Unless I looked away. Of course he’s a good dancer, but much like Cheryl’s previously pimped partner Will Levy, this guy does nothing for me,.

CAI is raving asking is there nothing he can’t do. Yes, catch my attention. 🙂 Len talks about great mix of Charleston and Country. Bruno raves as well. :::yawn:::

Of course he goes to the sky box. Scores: 10, 10, and 10. Of course.

They need to spare me with this totally scripted package. Not that funny. And he’s stiff and stomping. He’s doing much better in hold for the most part. But he’s not better than John. Or Bobby for that matter. The lights are giving me a damn seizure.

Len says it was a bit unstable and his foot work was poor. But he attacks with heart. Bruno says he invented his own technique – imagine if mad max had to tango into an explosion…or something like that. CAI says she saw familiar moves from last week, she appreciates the way he doesn’t give up, he’s captured the hearts. Not as strong this week. None of the judges look that happy – makes me think perhaps the writing is on the wall and Joe ain’t going no where.

Scores: 7, 7, and 7 – for a 21. Say goodbye to John, most likely.

Mini-numbers update: In order for Joe to be safe, he only needs 19k more votes per million votes cast than John – of course, with it being double elimination night, Joe could still go as well. I think that Evanna and JP are probably safe, since Joe needs 43k more votes per million votes cast to beat either of them and John needs 23.7k more votes per million votes cast in order to beat Evanna or JP. I don’t see either happening, but nothing would surprise me at this point.

Milo up next with another crap running order position – although it doesn’t matter at this point. He’s doing a foxtrot to a live performance, unfortunately. Luckily he’s a better dancer than a songwriter. 😀

His lines are so good. He dances nice and big and he’s handling ballroom just as well as the other styles he’s done. I have noticed that Witney’s partners have a more feminine movement – lack of male oversight, is my guess. Anyway, this is a cute couple and I think that dance was just great. Loved it.

Bruno – loved it, no messing around, proper classy foxtrot. CAI thinks he’s the one to beat, what makes him so special is the height difference and they handle the challenge. Len says he dances with a maturity, likes the content, likes the pluck and determination. He would have liked slightly stronger legs. Thought he did a great job – so talented. Raves all around but not a 10 from Len, I’m guessing.

Scores: 10, 9, 10 for a 29 – that puts him in second place behind Evanna and JP. He’s safer that either of them by a mile, is my guess. 🙂

Oh look, the male pros take their shirts off. ::::yawn::::

DeMarcus up next with the V. Waltz. I hope he kills it. I think he’s been getting a raw deal from the judges, to the point he started living down to their critiques.

Lovely job so far. Again with the shit lighting. He’s beautiful in hold, IMO. Very smooth out of hold as well. Interesting head holding section, but over all the choreo was lovely and he handled it very well!

CAI has a lot to say. Shocking. CAI wants to get in that world, because he danced with full expression (agreed), so dynamic, stunning. Len says what’s great is that he danced with softness and elegance, great light and shade, needed more content and a bit better footwork. He’s full of BS. No len, *I* have an opinion. You hand out scores. Bruno loved it as well. Wonderful light touch. Danced like a true gentleman.

Tom talks about how he is wowed by the football players. DeMarcus is there to show you can do it if you don’t give up.

Scores: 9, 9, 9 for a 27. I personally think he was every bit as good as JP, but maybe that’s just me.

Mini-Numbers Update: Okay, Joe and John are the current bottom two and here’s what they currently need in order to be safe:

John vs. DeMarcus 0.95% 9,479
John vs. Milo 1.90% 18,957
John vs. Evanna/JP 2.37% 23,697

And for Joe:

Joe vs. John 1.90% 18,957
Joe vs. DeMarcus 2.84% 28,436
Joe  vs. Milo 3.79% 37,915
Joe vs. Evanna/JP 4.27% 42,654


And next up is the showmance. I loved Alexis until they started going down this road. Just…spare me. Now it’s Alan’s turn to spill his guts – he does have feelings for her. And it’s working, judging by some of the silliness on twitter.

Love Alexis’ dress, very cute – I think I had something similar back in the 80’s.  She seems to be handling the dance just fine…but what is this strawberry wine?? It’s been in two songs now and as someone who lives in Nashville, I have no idea.  She’s kinda throwing her arm away, the samba roles, no idea – looked a bit rough.

Len says it was the best routine of the night.  Really??? It was good, but best of the night?? She might be in trouble. Bruno raves and says they got the bounce and the sychronization. CAI says they’re the sweetest but says she was ahead of the music. Okay, thank god for CAI and I NEVER say that. Needs a dose of reality here.

Scores: 9, 10, 10 for a 29. Solid second place.

Geez, all of Nashville pimping for Bobby. He’s up next dancing to Chris Jansen.  He’s got the biggest Country Radio program ever? Okay. Whiney-braggy. 🙂  New phrase.

I do love this song. And he’s doing a beautiful job on this dance so far.  Sharna’s dress would be prettier sleeveless.  He is learning to dance, I will give him that.  Little awkward in the middle. But all in all, nice job!

Bruno says it was sweet and romantic, says he tried and worked very hard. Got the right footwork most of the time, he delivered what they asked. CAI appreciates that he tried for the body contact, she could see the strain in trying to hold it. CAI should shut it while she’s ahead. Len says he lifts his shoulders a bit, needs to relax, but says this is his best dance.  Bobby says he’s going to kiss Len if he gets an 8.

Bobby’s going to be the full time mentor on AI next season.  Scores: 8, 8, 8 for a 24. Len gets his kiss as does Bruno. 🙂

Numbers UPDATE:  Here’s the standings:

Joe vs. bobby 1.40% 13,953
Joe vs. John 1.86% 18,605
Joe vs. DeMarcus 2.79% 27,907
Joe  vs. Milo/Alexis 3.72% 37,209
Joe vs. Evanna/JP 4.19% 41,860

For Bobby:

Bobby vs. John 0.47% 4,651
Bobby vs. DeMarcus 1.40% 13,953
Bobby vs. Milo/Alexis 2.33% 23,256
Bobby vs. Evanna/JP 2.79% 27,907

And finally, for John:

John vs. DeMarcus 0.93% 9,302
John vs. Milo/Alexis 1.86% 18,605
John vs. Evanna/JP 2.33% 23,256

Of course, everything hinges on the team dance, but right now?? I have no idea what’s going to happen and I’ll have to do a retrospective.

Team Dance by Team HeyNow.  Milo’s team is doing pretty well, but the addition of Bobby and John kinda guarantees the sync isn’t quite there.  There’s the cow that got Derek in trouble.  Actually, the men get it together – you can tell there was a good bit of rehearsal. Evanna got blocked there is someone’s mis-step.  In and out of sync, but all in all not a bad job at all. They certainly are trying hard.

Len loved it all, he was raving. Bruno says it was a country triumph, he loved Evanna and the women. Brilliant, according to him.  CAI raves as well. I didn’t think it was as stellar as the raving would imply, but it was certainly quite good.

Scores: 10, 9, 10 for a 29

This score has the potential to change quite a lot, possibly putting Alexis in the danger zone, since John and Bobby got a big bump.  But will it bring Joe down with her, or will it be John or Bobby.  Like I said, it will be nearly impossible for me to get final numbers before they do the eliminations, so, if necessary, I’ll do a numbers post later this week.

Up next it’s Team JoeDown, with Joe, Alexis, DeMarcus and JP.   Cheryl seems to be handling the choreo, which may or may not be good. She’s still a bit old school.

Amazing trick from DeMarcus. And yes, that’s the throwback team choreography. Nothing wrong with it, it’s just been done. I think this team might be more together than the other one.  WTF is Joe doing in the background?? The section right before the scarves came out kinda lost it a bit.  And it was a bit of a mess right at the end…but they may have actually done a better job than the other team. Hard to say.

Bruno needs to be hosed down.  Alexis is like one of the pros (true), they lost sync he says (the other team lost more). CAI says they were on fire, but there was so much going on that it was hard to focus (agreed), Joe made mistakes. She loved the beginning. Says it was harder than the first routine (not necessarily a good thing).  Len talks about how he had a great time tonight, he enjoyed both teams.

Scores: 9, 8, 9 for a score of 26. Hmmmmm…..

Jeopardy: John and Emma

Jeopardy: DeMarcus and Lindsay

Jeopardy: Evanna and Keo

Everyone else is safe. Fixin’ to be pissed.

SAFE: Evanna and Keo (thank you Jesus)

Damn you judges.  DeMarcus being eliminated is their self fulfilling prophesy. This is what happens when you drag someone all season long. As for John – sorry kids, he should be there over Joe. Over Bobby as well, IMO.

Another note: Showmances work because there are too many damn shippers around.  Without the showmance, Alexis could have been gone a while ago – now Evanna (sans showmance) could be the next woman down. Although….in retrospect, and looking at the total scores, she might have been up there because she was at the top of the leaderboard – alone – by the time the team dances were done.