Dancing with the Stars Season 27, Week EIGHT – LIVE BLOG!

For my thoughts on who might go home and how, see the DBTN Retrospective….and for Courtney’s thoughts you can see the power rankings for this week.

Wow. Alexis looks smokin’. Hell, all the women do, although not crazy about Cheryl’s outfit – that fringe is…weird.

Bobby up first with his tribute dance. :::rolls eyes:::  To his fans. Not rolling his eyes at his fans, but at this theme. Using dances from week 1, how can it really be a tribute??

Way too many people. Whose idea was this?  Oddly, Bobby does better rolling his pelvis than he does walking on time. That wasn’t horrid, but it still had some weird spots.

Len says he put the boy into flamboyant. Says he entertains and it was fun. Bruno says it was like Bobby and the salsa angels. CAI says he was ahead of everyone else but that he is a joy to watch.  Okay.

Lots of blather about the Victoria secret angels. And Bobby scores a 21 – which is fair. What? Are you expecting 10s just for the hell of it.   Bobby shouts out to all the people affected by the Wildfires – text 999 to give to the Red Cross.

Alexis is up next with a waltz…dedicating her dance to Alan. Jesus. :::rolls eyes::: SERIOUSLY?? There’s NO ONE ELSE you can dedicate your dance to?  Come on, shippers, isn’t this too much even for you??  HA!! It’s really about her mom – the season is – but she’s dedicating it to Alan. Wonder who convinced her that was a good idea?

Wow, that leg was kinda wimpy. She’s great in hold though. Ack…another leg throwaway.  Is she not flexible?? It’s kinda weird. Beautiful dance though.

Bruno loves the turns, says it’s brilliantly beautiful. CAI says she’s matured in the way she expresses herself. Says it’s her best dance…but calls out a lift. Len wrote down all the right words, elegant, graceful, etc.  BUT he wants more waltz content. It’s true…she was gorgeous in a waltz hold and there wasn’t that much of it.

Scores: 9, 9, and 10 for a 28.

Joe and Jenna up next with a contemporary. Scary. Dedicating it to the women in his life – that’s nice. Mom, girlfriend…Jenna. HA! Just kidding. 🙂  Hahaha….okay, that was funny Joe. Too sexy of a dance to dedicate to mom and g-ma. 🙂

He looks like he’s doing weight lifting instead of dancing….That was not a comment on Jenna but on Joe’s “work face”.  His arms are just so awkward. The rolling around part he’s doing well, and the lift right after was well done.  But he spoils it with his hands and arms.

CAI sees a new fluidity, claims there was no lack of fluidity. Great transitions.  Yeah, not horrible. Len says he didn’t do much – also true. Says he didn’t do much very well. 🙂  He says he enjoyed it, but it is what is it. Bruno says it was fashionably minimalistic. says he provided a wooden frame. LOL – also true. “Wooden frame” is going to make me snicker for a while.

Scores: 8, 7, and 7, for a 22!!  Hey, he’s not in last place…for now. Bobby is. This could change for sure. Since he’s doing a quickstep later.

JP up next with an AT…to his mom. She got diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  That’s scary, but she’s beaten it! Hooray for her! Oh that hair looks good on her.

His lines are good, for sure. Lack of body contact though.  Doubt it gets called. A little off time with the leg raises. Nothing too exciting so far, but not bad.  All those gauchos were damn good. Okay, the ending move was pretty rad.

Len gives him a standing O. He says it was truly fabulous. Bruno says he can’t catch his breath, it was extraordinary.  Okay, let’s not get carried away. CAI says he’s been most consistent, but tonight he outdid himself. Don’t speak for us CAI. Please. He’s in a class of his own? Um, okay.  Don’t get me wrong – it was a very good AT. But all that raving is a bit much.

Scores: 10, 10, and 10 – of course – for 30.

Come on, Evanna – KILL IT.  Wow…her dedication is sad and powerful.  :::sob::: He passed away a year ago and she never got to say goodbye.

Evanna is really blossoming and Keo is doing some good choreo. This is a nice contemporary and I really appreciate the lack of total formulaic moves. It’s almost like jazz.  Lovely dance. She was very refreshing after the AT.

Bruno is raving, thankfully.  CAI says she did him justice, she’s a warrior, it was fierce. Len says it was powerful and polished.  I agree with all of them but thanks to their raving over JP they don’t have much for Evanna.  She has the growth arc though, the story and she just gets better.

Scores: 10, 10, 10.  While I totally agree with the scores, the judges seem like it’s…an afterthought?? Like it’s all pre-determined. Fuck, Keo is making me cry.

Gleb desperately grasping for attention. AKA, a bumper.

Milo and Witney up next with another mom dedication. Now Camryn is making me cry. 🙂 And Milo is making me cry.

Nice opening.  They have the harder music fo sure, but Milo handles it very well.  Witney’s choreo seems fresher.  A lot more turns, but the ending isn’t as cool. Still a great job though.

CAI says it’s very different from JP’s, and there were lots of beautiful shapes. Len says he came out and stayed true to himself, gave a great performance, well done. Bruno says it was stylish, sharp, strong, good lifts.  Hard to control but he did and it was clean.

Scores: 9, 9, and 9 – hosed due to their need to pimp JP (Milo is totally safe and JP might not be, IMO).

ROUND TWO!  Len is mentoring Bobby and Sharna. They are re-doing their Jive. Len says Bobby has charisma.

Bobby dancing to Len is kinda funny. Also funny how Sharna has to bring him to a dead stop to get the dance going. And she doesn’t have him using his arms or hands which is probably good.  Vast improvement, but the first one was so bad that the bar is low. Len’s face on a shirt…that no one knew about.  LOL.

Len says he had so much fun visiting Bobby, it was a walk on the wild side. Says he did “pretty good”.  Bruno says he gave it plenty, jumping around like a golden cricket. Says he actually did some recognizable kicks and flicks. CAI  says he really was improved, kicks were extremely live – very fun.

Oh boy, pulling out the “never danced before” card, and how he was picked to go home first. :::rolls eyes:::

Scores: 8, 8, and 8 for a total of 24! Wonder if that 24 is going to send someone far more deserving home. We’ll see!

What the actual hell – are we going to have every single spare dancer in this routine??  A jazz in work out attire. Well that’s never been done. LOL.

Brandon is a little too good at that role. 🙂 Having trouble finding Alexis…I suppose that could be a good thing because she’s doing the dance quite well.  Was that a lift. Okay someone got way out of sync there. Only caught part of it but it was very noticeable.

Bruno says it was clearly brilliant….I can rewind, dude, and see that mess up, you need to see the tape??  CAI says everything was toned and perfect. Len says he’s exhausted, loved the concept, says the dancing was fabulous. They’re so convincing that I may need to rewind and see if I imagined that…

I totally didn’t need to see Alan’s bandaid covered nipples.

Scores: 10, 10, and 10….totally protecting her from Joe and Bobby.  Not so sure it will work. Milo’s AT was better…but then he’s likely very safe.

Joe and Jenna score CAI and the quickstep….in which he got a 14. Hard to not improve on that. CAI says he needs to work on musicality…he lacks breathing.

Stiff walking, but he hits the pose well. He’s got no twist in those hips. He does the first run quite well.  And the second one too. It’s the in between parts that are…a bit strange. Vast improvement from his first one, though. Really, not too horrible.

CAI says his frame was good and she’s proud of him. Len says frame was better and CAI takes all the credit. He says it was clean and clear, his posture was cranky? Such an improvement. Bruno says “tall, dark and dancing” recognizable QS, well done.

He’s scores a 24 out of 30….interesting. Not that I disagree, but this would explain Alexis’ score.

Numbers UPDATE: Well, provided that everyone else does as well as they did in round one, it will be REALLY hard for both Joe and Bobby to make up the numbers to get past any of them.  Not saying it can’t happen, just that they really will need huge fanbases…or someone else lacking a fanbase.  Bobby needs more than 40k more votes per million votes cast, while Joe needs about 35k more votes per million votes cast to get past her.

JP and Cheryl are up next, mentored by Bruno for their Salsa. His shirt (bruno’s) is too much. LOL, Cheryl.  JP is going to unleash the latin beast.

Like Cheryl’s outfit much better than the first one.  Sure it’s not a coincidence that he gets two dances that play to his strength’s…and his heritage.  It was a very good dance. :::shrug::: Sorry…he just doesn’t do anything for me. Seems like a nice enough guy.

Bruno says it’s hard to be hotter or better salsa than this one. That move he raves about has been done many time. CAI is incoherent and silly. 50-shades of salsa?? Who are they trying to convince? Len says he keeps delivering  (midwife joke), two dances to the correct music – he doesn’t get credit for that!!! Come on!! None of them pick their music!! Jesus. This makes me wonder if they’re using the music as an excuse to underscore other couples – they haven’t picked their own music in MANY seasons. BS.

Scores: of course a 30…they trying hard to make sure Joe and Bobby leave. We’ll see.  I’m leaning toward it.

NUMBERS UPDATE:  If Evanna and JP get perfect scores, here is what Joe and Bobby need to be safe.  It won’t change much if they get 29s.

Bobby vs. Joe 0.31% 3,067
Bobby vs. Milo 3.68% 36,810
Bobby vs. Alexis 3.99% 39,877
Bobby vs. Evanna/JP 4.60% 46,012

And Joe’s….

Joe vs. Milo 3.37% 33,742
Joe  vs. Alexis 3.68% 36,810
Joe vs. Evanna/JP 4.29% 42,945

Here’s Len with Evanna acting like his commentary on her foxtrot was legit (hint: it wasn’t. It was bS). Needs to be a bit softer, but she’s really grown. Moving VERY well. Keo drags her a tiny bit, but her arms are so amazing. Well done!!

Len is raving…acting like he accomplished it. Len then saying something went wrong over in the corner. Bullshit. I sense and underscore coming. He enjoyed it. Bruno says it’s like another girl from week one – this I agree with. She’s fantastic, although she was never bad. CAI was overwhelmed with emotion while watching, she was dancing with freedom and confidence – agreed.

Numbers Update: Evanna’s 28 didn’t change much although I think she got hosed. Here’s the update if Milo gets a perfect score:

Bobby vs. Joe 0.31% 3,086
Bobby vs. Milo 3.70% 37,037
Bobby vs. Alexis 4.01% 40,123
Bobby vs. Evanna 4.01% 40,123
Bobby vs. JP 4.63% 46,296

And Joe versus everyone else….

Joe vs. Milo 3.40% 33,951
Joe  vs. Alexis 3.70% 37,037
Joe vs. Evanna 3.70% 37,037
Joe vs. JP 4.32% 43,210

Milo is the last dance of the night with his cha cha…and he makes me happy to watch him dance. He’s so natural and personable. Vastly prefer him to JP. Whoa? Tricky last move there Witney! I dug it although they almost blew it

CAI is getting ready to hose him. She thinks it felt a bit wild. It’s official – the judges are pulling a Will Levy for JP. Len says there is a lot of youthful exuberance – too much flexion, could have had better hip action. Bruno says he liked it, that it was a very fresh interpretation of a cha cha. I agree with Bruno.

And Milo gets a 55. I wonder.  It would be amazing to see Bobby and Joe be safe at this stage.

Jeopardy: Joe and Jenna

Jeopardy: Alexis and Alan

Jeopardy: JP and Cheryl…..oops. 😉


Once again, I feel compelled to say that it’s very possible that Courtney and I were NOT the only ones just not impressed with JP. They tried to sell him to us too hard and that always backfires.  If he just wasn’t getting any votes, then he’s going to go home.