Dancing with the Stars Christmas 2018 – Interview On New Season, Photos, And Flash Mobs

From John, Courtney, Heidi, and myself, thank you for all of your support this past year. You are the bomb and we wish you all a very Merry Christmas! And just a few things if you are needing to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the holidays. First, check out this new ET interview with Sharna. She hints at what’s to come for Dancing With The Stars in the future. Below is a quote, but, see the link for more. I love how she stresses that the show isn’t going anywhere….

“So, I don’t know if they are planning anything that might be a surprise in the summer,” she exclaimed. “Maybe there’s [another] Juniors. [But] I don’t have info, don’t quote me on it! it’s just a guess on my part.”

So, with more free time now, what do Burgess and her fellow dance pros have planned for 2019?

“We’re trying to figure out what we wanna do with that spring/summer time for us,” she explained, claiming there will still be a season 28 of the show. “We’re going to confirm that date.”

“This show is such a fan favorite,” she continued. “I mean, come on, it’s not going anywhere! We’re gonna do 30, 35, maybe 45 seasons! I’ll have babies and be married, retired by that point, but this is DWTS… it isn’t going anywhere.”

Also, this has nothing to do with Dancing With The Stars, but, people (including teachers, nurses, and the police) are dancing all across the nation and the world. Here are just a few that caught my eye….

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