DWTS Season 22 Contestant Antonio Brown First Celeb Voted Off “The Masked Singer”; Could More Former DWTS Contestants Be Behind the Masks?

Admittedly, when I saw ads for The Masked Singer on FOX, I didn’t pay it much mind because I thought it would be a one-and-done, mid-season flop. But given that the show premiered Wednesday night to HUGE numbers, I watched the premiere last night on Hulu…and I’ll admit, there is something oddly compelling about it. It’s no Game of Thrones, but there’s something about watching mystery celebs in ridiculous head-to-toe animal costumes singing well-known songs while judges Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, & DWTS season 10 champ Nicole Scherzinger hem and haw (and often poorly guess) about who they are that’s certainly entertaining.

So what’s this got to do with DWTS, you ask? Well, given that the first celeb voted off was DWTS season 22 contestant (and the inspiration for this blogger’s favorite DWTS hashtag, #ShoshannaWhatSheMissin) Antonio Brown, it stands to reason that other former DWTS contestants might be behind some of the masks as well.  And in the tradition of shows like DWTS, Celebrity Apprentice, and Celebrity Big Brother, you often see the same celebs making the rounds on these shows. Various clues have been given about each of the contestants, including their height (which DWTS fans make a habit of keeping tabs on), and even the costumes themselves supposedly have clues worked into them.  And some of these clues seem to sound an awful like some familiar faces from DWTS…shall we have a look at two former contestants likely hiding behind those masks?

“The Peacock”

Clues given: 5’9″, loves attention, first got onstage at age 5, your mom might have had a poster of him on her bedroom wall, part of a Vegas act, name-dropped Michael Jackson, petted a dog statue

Who I’m fairly certain it is: season 9 champ Donny Osmond

Why: Donny is the original DWTS attention fiend, pre-Alfonso. Singing voice sounds just like Donny, who has had a residency in Vegas for years. Teen idol from my mom’s era; had a hit called “Puppy Love”.  Loves to name-drop. Also, SHORT MAN SYNDROME

“The Lion”

Clues given: “Hollywood royalty”, “embracing vulnerabilities”, 5’6″, “my pride has many women in it”

Who I’m fairly certain it is: season 20 champ Rumer Willis

Why: Obviously the daughter of Bruce Willis & Demi Moore would be considered “Hollywood royalty”. Rumer’s 5’6″ – that I remember from covering season 20. She also talked at-length about her experiences with being bullied and overcoming her insecurities.  It was also pretty well-known that she had singing (*cough* and dancing…*cough*) experience, and she even performed her freestyle to a cover she sang of “Toxic”. Her family is pretty female-dominated – she’s one of three daughters.

And we already know that Antonio was “The Hippo”, but if you want to see his clues and performance, go ahead…

As for the other three contestants we saw this week, Tori Spelling is totally “The Unicorn”, and Terry Bradshaw is “The Deer”.  The only one I’m not feeling certain about is “The Monster” – a lot of folks on Twitter seem to be saying T-Pain, but I’m still feeling kinda “meh” on that one. Honestly, kinda shocked we haven’t seen all three on DWTS at this point…I know Terry’s been a rumor before.  Any bets on whether we see Tori on season 28? 😛

Are any of you watching the show? Thoughts? Guesses on the celebs? If enough of you are interested, I might be persuaded to cover this show regularly… 😉