Make Your Celebrity Wish List For Dancing With The Stars Season 28

Hey All! Dancing With The Stars Season 28 is a ways off yet, but, have you thought about which celebrities you’d like to see dance on the show? Let us know on your Celebrity Wish List in comments as you never know if the producers of the show might need some ideas.

Ok, here is my wish list…

Mikhail Baryshnikov from “White Nights” (my ultimate fave of my list at this time. So, he’s at the top)
Johnny Weir
Henry Winkler
Barry Williams
Michael Knight
Eve Plumb
Katie or Shawn Cassidy
Susan Dey
James Spader
Jaclyn Smith
Kate Jackson
Cheryl Ladd
Another Backstreet Boy or NSync Member
Rob Lowe
Scott Baio
Josh Henderson
Richard Thomas
Ricky Schroder
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Christie Brinkley
Eric Roberts
Sofía Vergara
Fiona Hughes
Eric Braeden (Young and The Restless)
Melody Thomas Scott (Young and The Restless)
Kim Zimmer (Guiding Light)
Dennis Rodman

Ok, you’re turn! Thanks, Everyone. Stay tuned for a Pro Wish list post to be published soon as