“Impressive Names” Coming To Dancing With The Stars Season 28?

In May, we got a little teaser from Deadline on the format changes coming to Dancing With The Stars Season 28. They also talked on the possibility of bigger stars doing the show. Now there is another teaser from the same source. Let’s just say they are hoping these tweaks and the new casting will help the show stick around after this season….

“The producers were just in last week talking about the casting and the creative evolution. It’s all very exciting. It won’t be major format changes, just tweaking and tinkering… the show’s been on so long and it’s been so successful elsewhere, I think they’ve done quite an impressive job of looking at what works,” she said.

Burke added that the hope is the format tweaks will lead to more seasons of the show.

“I’m quite excited about the casting they’ve put together. It’s not done, but the names that I have heard [are impressive]. I think it’s going to be a big season,” she said.

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