And The New Cast of DWTS Season 28 Is….GMA Live Blog

Well, today’s the day!! Christie Brinkley? Hannah B? Gronk, Camille, Jessica..? Michael, Magic, Kobe?? Who the hell knows. I’d be willing to bet that close to half the cast we won’t be surprised about. Just say no to Abby Lee Miller. Sweet Jesus.

And, unfortunately, it sounds like a lot of the pros will be back. Sorry – love the women – but I feel the male side needs a good solid shake. 🙂

Show starts in T-minus 15 minutes…

Of course they had to ask Ginger if she saw her dance partner, Val, upstairs and she of course says yes. Lord, get over it already.

Sounds like 8:18 is the time. Gonna run for the shower. Let me know if there are any stupid hints between now and then.

Uptown is Christie Brinkley, IMO. I don’t have rewind capability…other clues? “Office”?? Rainn Wilson? That could be interesting. Crossing the Creek…James Van Der Beek? Joshua Jackson?

Okay shower for real…

….and I get out of the shower to Cheryl and Gleb dancing. There’s your reason why Hayley didn’t make pro. Her and Peta shut the door on that one.

On the first tease, Court think in addition to Christie, it’s some one from Schitt’s Creek (shows how old I am) and Angela Kinsey from the Office. Maybe Chris Elliott in the middle.

“Here for the Right Reason” is Hannah.  I caught sight of a new male pro. Court says cry guy is Michael Jordan.

Sharna is out….Daniella and Pasha from WoD are IN.  I saw Daniella twice on Derek’s tour and I’ve never seen a better female dancer. The other women are going to have to up their game in a huge way.

I thought Emma was a new chick. 🙂 Nice dancing, featuring Peta for some mysterious reason.

Tom reveals we won’t know who’s dancing with whom until the first show.

Twitter says Mary Wilson is the “Supreme Being” – from the Supremes?

It’s about that time…..

Karamo Brown

Hannah Brown

Lauren Alaina

James Van Der Beek (ha)

Ray Lewis

Kate Flannery

Ally Brooke

Lamar Odom (seriously?)

Kel Mitchell

Sean Spicer (gag)

Christie Brinkley

If you’re counting, that’s only 11. They ask Christie about Broadway…no, that’s not an advantage and I agree with her.

Hannah B is next in the hot seat.  Love her. This is her mom’s dream.

Kel is talking about his wife, how they practice dance in the house.

Can’t believe I called James right. FIVE kids…now I know what he’s been doing.

Ray Lewis is an interesting get as a footballer.  Had some legal issues in his past and also has some interesting end zone dances. 🙂

And they’re going to reveal the remaining star after the commercial. That means that two of the dancers on GMA are troupe dancers. I’ll be bummed if it’s Daniella and Pasha. Six women and six men celebrities.  Looks like that could be it. I bet they’re not called troupe, but featured dancers, if it’s really only those two. They are very recent champions and dance better than any of the pros currently on the show. But that doesn’t mean they can choreograph. And Danielle did have to think hard before joining Derek’s tour, which would take her out of competition for a bit.

Daniella dancing with Keo – so amazing.

Talking to Lamar next – man has a lot of issues. I hope he’s conquered them.

Courtney is saying the troupe HAS been disbanded.

Talking to Kate from the Office. She’s hilarious.

Lauren is going to vote for Kate.

Sean is kinda funny but a good shot from Tom about audience size.

Karamo is next…he’s cute.  Funny video of him and his friends dancing – he’s the only one with moves.

Ally is doing the show to stop “the haters” – she was with 5th Harmony and got mean comments about her dancing.  She seems sweet.

And our final contestant is….Mary Wilson as revealed by the folks on twitter.  All her kids and grandkids are thrilled that she’s on the show. She’s now the cool grandma.  She looks like she has the moves. 🙂

This next bit with the little ballroom dancers meeting the cast ought to be good. Yep, crying and hyperventilating. 🙂

Dang, they are dedicating a LOT of time to this announcement. Anyway, this cast has potential, I think. But we’ll have to wait and see.

In case you want to follow the cast….