PureDWTS: Sean Spicer Reacts To Tom Bergeron’s Tweet, Dances Too!

We touched a little on Tom Bergeron’s tweet yesterday in a previous post for how the Dancing With The Stars host felt that the show shouldn’t be casting political figures to keep the show “joyfull”, etc.. Well, this morning, Sean Spicer was interviewed on Fox (watch it below). He says he understands and respects Tom’s opinion. Sean says he plans to leave politics aside and hopes at the end of the season, Tom and others will feel differently that Sean and the whole cast (and it’s diversity) helps bring people together by dancing together. I hope for this too. I think Sean sounds like a good guy and I like his approach. I hope people will give him a chance. Sean dances a little at the end of this interview too (can we have Ainsley on the show next? I love her). Really cute….