Las Vegas Odds For Dancing With The Stars Season 28, PureDWTS Angels Weigh In

The Las Vegas Odds makers of Las Vegas Sports Betting have placed their bets on the new season of Dancing With The Stars. You can analyze them below. Does this look about right? Let us know in comments. The Pure Angels weigh in below. As you can see we have different opinions…and that’s ok….

Dancing With The Stars Odds to Win DWTS
Ray Lewis +400
Lauren Alaina +700
Ally Brooke +600
Karamo Brown +550
Kel Mitchell +600
Kate Flannery +1400
Hannah Brown +1000
James Van der Beek +450
Mary Wilson +1200
Lamar Odom +2500
Sean Spicer +5000
Christie Brinkley +1200

Dancing With The Stars Sean Spicer to Say Trump in Episode 1 DWT
Yes +1000
No -2500

Dancing With The Stars Who Will be Eliminated 1st
Ray Lewis +150
Lamar Odom -200

Vogue: I don’t think Ray, Lamar, or Sean will be leaving on night one or anytime soon. We will see? I’m leaning towards Kate or Mary leaving first. Here’s a BIG REASON (Sean Spicer’s Casting Explained? Red States Love ‘Dancing With the Stars’) why I don’t think Sean is going anywhere anytime soon.

Heidi: It’s real easy to stick around for a long time when no one is watching or voting EXCEPT the red state folks. Just sayin. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I’ll be voting very hard for anyone without the initials SS. Coincidence? If that person is anywhere near the finale, this show is done for, totally.

Court: Off the bat, I think they’re seriously overestimating Ray’s ability to win this thing (both based on dance skill potential and popularity) and underestimating both Hannah & Kel’s. If there’s three contestants I think are going to excel regardless of which partner they get, it’s Hannah, Karamo, & Kel – they’ve got Karamo about right, but the other two need to be higher.  Van Der Beek may be able to stick around based on popularity, but a natural dancer he is not – ditto for Ally, although I think her time in Fifth Harmony gives her a small leg up. Lamar’s a bit of a wild card for me – I think he could actually be decent, if his partner is able to pull him out of whatever funk he was in at the cast announcement…and I think that could be an uphill battle. Not even gonna weigh in on He Who Shall Not Be Named…