Dancing With The Stars Season 28 Revamped New Set!!!

As you know from a previous post, Dancing With The Stars 28 has a different looking cast photo this season. Entertainment Tonight talks on the classy new look as well as a new revamp to the SET which is suppose to be “art deco”!! Don’t miss reading about it below as well as Christie Brinkley’s thoughts on the new season.

The source adds that the new DWTS set is expected to follow suit. The ballroom is expected to have an art deco look, and fans should expect to see lots of gold tones this season!

While the pairings haven’t been revealed just yet, ET caught up with Season 28 contestant Christie Brinkley last month and she teased her upcoming involvement in the show.

“I’m so excited! I think it’s going to be so fun,” Brinkley, 65, said before adding, “I literally don’t know how to dance. Seriously, it’s true… I really don’t have the moves. So I’m really excited to learn with the pros. It’s a wonderful opportunity for me.”

“I think whoever I get has his work cut out for him,” she continued. “I think they need to give me a really good one because I need a lot of work… All of the dancers on the show are incredible, really amazing.”

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