Dancing with the Stars Season 28, Week FOUR – LIVE BLOG

Well, folks, here we are at week four and the two worst dancers are still with us.  If you could be so kind as to VOTE such that one will be eliminated sooner rather than later, I would greatly appreciate it. I think you know which one. 😉

If you have some time to kill before the show starts, you can read Courtney’s power rankings.  I didn’t do a numbers post this week – seemed like it would be…redundant. If another good dancer is in the bottom, I may do a numbers post just so I have a place to rant.  Anyway, T-minus 30 minutes to show time. Don’t be surprised if I’m a little late – got small children to play with. 🙂

How is it that it went from 91 on saturday to 60 today?? Yeah, I know, Climate change – but I feel a bit robbed of fall. Hopefully the rest of the week is a bit better.

Leah is looking great! Funny as ever.  Len is looking a little red.

“Hey look ma I made it.” Eh. Bruno cha cha-ing out in front of everyone.   Hey, did they wax the opening number to that song? Why? Two fewer stars and they’re afraid of the show running long?

Oh, they’re carrying all the votes and scores from last week to this week?  Iiiinterestinggggg. Why would they do such a thing?

Lindsay up first, drilling her partner. He better get quickstep next week. Lets see if he an stomp his way through that one.

Once again, Lindsay is doing all the work and doing it well. That dress is fantastic. He’s barely using the floor at all and somehow he’s too stiff on a Paso.

Len: The paso doble from Pasadena. Technically not great, but liked the attack.

Bruno: Not quite antonio banderas but you took the bull by the horns. Attempted flamenco but hands and feet were not at same time. Good commitment. Have to unlock center of body. Not connected.

CAI: Loved your arms. Be careful moving forward. Passionate doesn’t mean stone lock face.  More humanity.

Leah: He’s not a dancer. Love that you’re committed and you try your best.

Scores: 5, 6, 5, 5 for a total of 21 out of 40.  Come on, Leah.

I’ll be really interested to see just how fucked up the scores are going to be with Sean going first.

Vote, Vote, Vote…

Ally is up next with a Jive. She’s training hard, building stamina.

Proud Mary Jive – Derek…I miss you. Best jive ever.

Hmmmm….this looks similar to that dance at the beginning. Oooo….little mis-hap there.  Lots of this choreography is very similar to Derek and Nicole’s. Ally doesn’t quite perform to Nicole standards but she does well, except for that mis-hap. They weren’t showing her feet but you could tell from the top line.

Bruno: tingling with delight. That was a diva jive. Totally in command. So good.

CAI: That was amazing. Trying to do Tina is difficult. You nailed it.

Leah: Very difficult, no joke. You were amazing.

Len: I was proud watching that. Great personality.

Hmmmm….guess that mistake was my imagination? Disney next week.

Scores: 8, 8, 8, 8 for a 32 out of 40.  Wow. Good for her!!

Kel is up next with a Cha Cha.  Witney thinks they need more fun. She might be right. OMG, that baby is soooo cute.

Off to a good start, for sure. He moves so naturally.  He’s pretty much killing it. And he’s enjoying himself, it seems.  So smooth, so good. Love him.

CAI: She’s loving it. It’s on, that’s what she’s been waiting for. He’s sauve.

Leah: So wonderful to watch. Start knowing that you’re good, own it

Len: Under the radar.

Bruno: You’ve got the cha cha in your pocket.

Leah needs to shut the fuck up when Len is finally being complimentary. This is not about her. I take back what I said about being glad to see her. Some people actually take Len seriously and Leah just fucked that up.

Scores: 8, 8, 8, 8 for a total of 32 out of 40.

Kate up next with her Argentine Tango. She is really amazing. I love her.

Ugh. This song for an AT? She is doing very well though. This might be the worst song decision of the season thus far. That bit of comedy might be a mistake. Pretty good, all in all.

Leah: Energy is amazing. Represent the comedic actresses. You did amazing.

Len: It’s all about expectation. QS was so fantastic, this week you struggled getting the character of the AT. (agreed)

Bruno: You definitely went for it. But as it happens you lost balance quite a few times and you lost the balance of the AT.  A little bit jagged.

CAI: What is amazing is how you use the floor, you extend your lines, it sets you apart. Your face is apart of the dance.

Scores: 7, 7, 6, 6 for a total of 26 out of 40. All in all I think I agree with that score.

NUMBERS: Right now there are about 32k votes between S__n and Kate. She would hopefully be good with that.

James is up next.  They think they are pregnant again. And they are. They’re doing a quickstep to “walking on sunshine”.

This opening looks familiar too. A bit of a mess up at the beginning. Did the new producers just watch everything Derek did an emulate? He’s a bit a head of Emma in spots. He’s so amazing but this doesn’t seem quite up to his own standard. Granted, I got a bit distracted for a minute.

Len: Congrats. You’re a terrific dancer, great movement, but I’m picky. I would have liked more in hold. When he broke hold and came back, he lost a bit of frame.

Bruno: You can tell a story and you can dance it. I ‘m with len though. The little details you can’t lose them. You have to keep the precision. Work on the detail.

CAI: Great routine, but you’re dancing a bit out of sync (agreed), need to find the middle ground.

Leah: you’ve been solid the whole show, you’ve been amazing from day one.

Scores: 7, 7, 7, 7 for a total of 28 out of 40….doing a bit of score leveling, it seems. But I can’t disagree with those scores.

Numbers Update: more than 30 votes per million votes cast between Sean and everyone else. 45k between S__n and Ally.

Hannah up next with a Paso Doble. She was taught the “plastic” smile in the pageant world.

Come on, Hannah! Oh nice opening, Alan. Wow. she’s doing really well. I didn’t see any noticeable mistakes. There were a few points where she wanted to smile, but she refrained. Nice attack.

Bruno: Sexy beast is out of the cage! The lines, the shapes, the intention and the choreography. So good. Got a bit out of breath out at the end. Drop dead gorgeous.

CAI: Huge difference in intensity. Passionate and delightful.

Leah: Pulled it together. Too cute.

Len: Fast, clear. Did aggression with air of calmness. Aggression with control

Agreed with all those comments. Vast improvement from last week. Good job to Alan for breaking her out of the smiley routine.

Scores: 8, 8, 8, 8 for a total of 32 out of 40.  Good job. I agree with that.  Ummmmm….I can’t vote on ABC. com. What’s the deal??

Talking on Twitter….have to rewind for Lamar. He’s doing a V. Waltz?

Credit to Peta, she is working on Lamar hard core. I’m seeing massive improvement in him. Still not a terrific dancer, but he’s growing a lot. Well done. Much better.

CAI: Saw true vulnerability.

Leah: emotional because I don’t think everyone know how hard you’re working. Amazing job.

Len: There is a gentleness about you. You’ve had to climb mountains. Great job.

Bruno: Connection with Peta was wonderful.  Had the softness but lacked the rotation.

Peta crying. Lamar makes me want to cry too, honestly. Something about him.

Scores: 5, 7, 4, 4 for a total of 20. Okay, that totally fucking sucks. Come on Len and Bruno. Jesus. Agree with Leah for a change.

Numbers Update: Lamar needs 9k votes per million votes cast to get past Sean. Don’t know what the judges are doing, scoring them so far apart – it ain’t right – but if they keep harshing Lamar, maybe he’ll get enough votes to stay.

Oh, Sailor. Forgot she was on the show. And so happy (sarcasm) to see one of the most pimped celebs of all time back, Rumer. I like Rumer apart from Val though.

If you were partnered with Derek, you’d be penalized for singing, Sailor. Still dancing like a model. She’s all right.  But forgettable, IMO.

Leah: You make me smile, sweet smile. Loveliness

Len: Another terrific performance. Well executed. Nice legs, good hip action. Bright, lively.

Bruno: I love the way you tease me. Your light is shinning brighter every week. You try to get the correct placement. Well done.

CAI: agreed with everything. Like a colt, sometimes your legs are too big (??).

Sailor = Bindi Irwin????  Stop the crack, Erin.

CAI: 7, 8, 8, 8 for a total of 31 out of 40

So, Sailor gets the same score as Hannah and a better score than James and Kate? Ummmmmm.

If you’re ever in Nashville, you should go to Tootsie’s – great place, among other great places.  Lauren here with her foxtrot.

Great song but not for a foxtrot. I love Lauren, she’s so..bright…but Gleb does her no favors. Lauren is actually doing very well, but the rhythm of this dance feels….off. Not right for a foxtrot.

Len: Liked that lovely moment with a heel turn. Very accomplished. Stick a bit of basic in for the old guy…very nice.

Bruno: Classic foxtrot, classy lady doing it.

CAI: This dance was your dance. Amazing sensuality, in tune to your body.

Leah: Agree.  Loved it all, you moved me.

Scores: 8, 8, 8, 8 for a total of 32 out of 40.  She did a really good job, but the music really threw me off the whole dance.

Numbers: Not much changed from the last update. A lot depends on Karamo’s dance.

Karamo up next with his Tango.  How do horses correlate to Jenna?? That was kinda lame.

Missed parts of that, but I’m getting the sense it was very good. 🙂  I’m going to have to rewind.

Bruno: Looking goooood. Really turned on the leading man attitude. No mistakes. Be careful not to make it too steppy. Oh shut up.

CAI: That was my favorite dance of yours, you have arrived. Oh fucking lift police. Leah calling her out appropriately. She gave Val legal lifts last week.

Leah: You are not a dancer, and you don’t get enough credit. You owned it tonight.

Len: Right elbow, for the love of fuck. Agreed with Bruno. That’s twice tonight that Leah has derailed a positive comment from Len from someone who needs it. Throw her the fuck out. And what was that BS about not deciding on the scores – he decided immediately after the dance.

Scores: 7, 7, 7, 7 for a total of 28 out of 40 – Okay, I was cussing Len because I missed the joke. Sorry Len (but not really because you’ve been an ass for weeks.

Here we go…

SAFE: Kel (Yayay!!!)

SAFE: Hannah

SAFE: Sailor

SAFE: James

SAFE: Ally

SAFE: Lauren

SAFE: Kate

SAFE: Sean

Karamo and Lamar are the bottom two. Lamar should be going

CAI – been an honor to watch both of you. I’m saving Karamo.

Bruno – Couple the strongest of the last two weeks – saving Karamo.

Len would have also saved Karamo.

:::sniff::: Sad for Lamar. He did very well tonight.