DWTS Season 28, Weeks 5 and 6 – Dancing by the Numbers!

I decided to run some numbers this week since no one was eliminated last week and this week’s scores and votes will be added together. We know the dancers a bit now, so I figured I would make some educated guesses on how they’ll do based on what they’re dancing Monday, then add them to this past weeks scores and run the numbers from there. Those with samba (Hannah, James) lost a point or two. Karamo lost a point due to rumba, while Lauren gained four due to contemporary. I also gave Sailor an additional three points because of Jazz. I dipped Ally a couple points because she’s dancing Quickstep this week while she had contemporary last week. Kel dipped a point because of Quickstep as well. I gave Kate an additional three points this week because she’s doing V. Waltz, at which she will likely excel. You know who stayed exactly the same, although he shouldn’t have had a 19 last week. More like a 15. I don’t expect the judges to do better this week, regardless of what good dancer we could lose.

Of course, because our judges have learned absolutely nothing from last season, I fully expect to be way off base in my guesses and some seriously wacky stuff will go down.

Anyway, in my scenario, Ally remains in first place by one point and there is a four-way tie for second place. Lauren moves up, Hannah moves down and Karamo and S___ are still the bottom two, at least score-wise. Read more..