Dancing with the Stars Season 28, Week Eight – LIVE BLOG

So, I never did get around to my numbers post this week, dang it. The upshot is, besides S___, Hannah appears to be the only one who can be low on the leaderboard and not be in the bottom two. It’s quite likely that James is the same but he’s not been tested yet. Last week it was Kate’s turn to be in the bottom with Karamo and they were the two low scorers besides S___.

For S___ to be safe, he needed the following things to happen:

  • He needed 14.9k more votes per million votes cast than Kate, AND;
  • He needed 17.4k more votes per million votes cast than Karamo.

In the olden days of DWTS, those were pretty small numbers. Probably not any longer. And he obviously did that – but who knows who else he managed to beat. Here are the remaining numbers:

  • He would have needed22.3k more votes per million votes cast to beat Kel
  • He would have needed 24.8k more votes per million votes cast to beat Hannah
  • He would have needed 29.8 more votes per million votes cast to beat either James, Lauren or Ally

So, vote for your favorites and vote HARD. We’ll see who the low scorers are tonight and if the same thing happens. As of right now, everyone except James, Lauren, Hannah and S___ have seen the bottom two. Hopefully, that is NOT your final four, if you know what I mean.

T-minus 30 minutes…

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This opening doesn’t really work for me, but then I lived through this show the first time around. 🙂

S___ up first. Jenna filling in for Lindsay…I’m assuming an injury…

Oooo…Styx’s “Come Sail Away”.  Not very jazzy but since when has that mattered? Oooo…so sorry to hear about Lindsay’s mother in law. Much too young, I’m sure.

Oh lord. Staging is cute, way too many extra dancers…and again that kick line is used.  This is not jazz, but that’s not unusual on this show.  Just when I thought it was over it kept going….kind of a shit show.

Len: We keep throwing you out the boat and the viewers keep throwing you a life preserver. We all like an under dog.  The mermaid had better feet than you did. STFU to the audience.  I respect your effort.

Bruno: Not many jazz bones in your body. Dori in finding Nemo has a better sense of direction. You always manage to get to shore. So so many puns.

CAI: Looks like you’re doing the same dance over and over again. Jenna brought out something new of you. Another shade of you. She’s going to give him a fucking 7 and we’ll lose a good dancer once again.

Scores: 7, 7, 6 for a total of 20

These judges actually believe that dance was worthy of a 7. When compared to Hannah and Kate who get 8s regularly – only one point difference between them and a guy who barely moves around the floor.  Fucking ridiculous. And this is why we can’t have nice things.

Lauren up next.  I think this is three weeks in a row with some sort of heartache or injury discussion. Dancing jive this week…it’s a letter to her grandma.

Started off great, but then I think she went on the wrong foot. She’s basically killing it though. That middle section with the other dancers came is was kind of screwed up though. Not sure I can articulate why – loss of energy??  Then she totally lost her footwork there at the end. I think the other dancers threw her off.

Bruno: The king himself would have loved it. Good action through the legs but you made three mistakes (true – very obvious ones). Doesn’t take away from the quality, but at this stage you have to be careful.

CAI: Started that routine and I thought it would be amazing. Something did go wrong. You have a lot going on for you, you have another dance, come back strong.

Len: Competition is so strong – there were a few mistakes. I hope tonight is not going to be heartbreak hotel.

That’s not a good omen for later. Because they scored S___ so high, she’s one of the folks who could be in trouble.

Scores: 8, 8, 8 for a total of 24 – only four points off S___. Yes it is that bad people.

Kel up with his Salsa. Starts off excellent, and alone. Dances a bit with Daniella. Suddenly there are all kinds of dancers out there which bugs. Clearly he likes this dance because he’s doing it very, very well. It just pisses me off that S___ got 7’s for not moving and the judges will find something to nitpick on this dance.

CAI: Funk up the ballroom. Love how you went back and forth in getting the groove and then going back into partnering All that and a bag of chips.

Len: My old sausage. Full of rhythm, hips were going to town, plenty of junk in the trunk. You were large and in charge.

Bruno: the main attraction. That was a starter. He was leading beginning to end, always the star.

I think that Kel may be giving James a run for his money. I love an under dog and his name ain’t S____.

Scores: 9, 9, 10 for a total of 28 – first ten of the season and very, very worthy!!

Ally up next dancing to her own song. Paso Doble!

Too much time at the mic. But her form is great. Loving Sasha’s choreography, aided by the song. Well, that was really excellent! Not much to say about it other than that!

Len: Mix of good technique and high performance.

Bruno: Silver lightning! Most amazing shapes and lines. The drum section – she was conducting the orchestra.

CAI: You proved to me you are a freaking superstar. You commanded all the attention. Amazing, my mind is blown.

I agree. This is no longer James’ competition – Ally and Kel are giving him a real run for it.

Scores: 10, 10, 10 for a perfect 30.  Well earned…although I think Kel was just as good.

Hannah up next with a Quickstep to American Girl.  I feel like they keep pigeonholing her into this one note character – and I don’t think she is that.

Whoa. I se a difference in attitude. She might be having fun again and sho far she’s doing very, very well. Holy crap, what is in the water at the studios? Just about everyone is killing it tonight! She did great!!

Bruno: This show keeps getting better. That was a game changer. What I liked, I told you about using the floor, tonight you used it to give you lift. Beautiful!

CAI: That’s what we’re talking about! You were open hearted, your fullest self. Comeback of the season.

Len: Really nice frame, clarity of movement, feet were right on point.  Bit of gapping goin on. Just a tiny bit. A fabulous dance.

Scores: 10, 9, 10 for a total of 29 out of 30.

Yep, that was worthy. Everyone except Lauren and S___ has just killed it tonight. I thought the judges were being overly hard on Hannah the last couple weeks, but tonight I saw what they were talking about – she was much more alive, much more connected. Great job!!

Now, Kate…kill it also. She’s dancing Jive to Heat Wave by Linda Rondstadt. Her sister Nancy’s favorite song, who passed away recently.

Started out great, but got a little off coming out of the box. And she’s a little off all the way through it. She got the dance this week where I don’t understand either the concept or the costumes. At all. And she’s still having trouble with this dance – I get the sense that she might be tired.

CAI: I felt that celebration. The jive had a lot of energy, sometimes out of hold it’s a little small. Good jive.

Len: You two are a joy for me to watch. Joyful performance. Not your best but not your worst.

Bruno: So clever. Tailor made for your ability. You went out of sync a couple times, at this stage we have to point it out.

She was quite a few steps below Kel, Ally and Hannah – I’d give her all 8s. Sadly.

Scores: 8, 8, 8 for a total of 24 out of 30. I would agree with that, unfortunately.

NUMBERS UPDATE: As of right now, there’s only about 11k votes between Lauren/Kate and S___ – and we know he’s overcome similar margins before. Get to voting!! If my theory holds true, those two will be the bottom two, depending on how the dance off works. Correction: I was using last weeks scores as the second score when the reality is that half the couples will get two points. That means there is more than 20k between S___ and Lauren/Kate. There is a tiny bit of hope.

James up next, all handsome. 🙂 Doing contemporary – I’ll predict a 30 now.

This is very good, but not terribly impactful – I found my mind wandering during the dance, despite his hotness. It could be that the contemporary dances on DWTS aren’t that great unless choreographed by Derek. It was great, but not the best of the evening.

Len: Like a good book, never sure what’s going to happen and it has a happy ending.

Bruno: All about the emotion and it was totally compelling. Section of lifts was exquisite. Musicality and emotion – flawless.

CAI: Never saw a lift executed with such finesse (BS). There was a moment when you did this arm – pure artistry in motion.

Is Hannah the only one that didn’t get Erin? I’m thinking yes… Oh the little girl made me weepy.

Scores: 10, 10, 10 for a total of 30.  They get a 32 for the night since they have immunity from the dance off.

NUMBERS UPDATE: Here is how it looks with the first dances and with James having the additional two points:

Sean vs. Kate/Lauren 2.14% 21,390
Sean vs. Kel 4.28% 42,781
Sean vs. Hannah 4.81% 48,128
Sean vs. Ally/James 6.42% 64,171


If S___ isn’t in the bottom two with these numbers, there is no hope for this show. :::sigh::

Dance offs:

Kel versus Ally – they are dancing to “Don’t Stop Me Now” in a jive.

This is much easier than previous dance offs – they have the music and style well in advance. Cute start, together. This is a tough call. At first I was saying Kel all the way and then  I changed to Ally. Both seem to have content and good execution.

Len: Fantastic. You’ve both come out top notch dancing.

Bruno: Almost impossible to call. There is a breath between you two.

CAI: I don’t want to make this decision. Both are on fire. You didn’t make our jobs easy.


CAI: Kel

Len: Ally

Bruno: Kel

So Kel and Witney get two additional points. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that Kel and Ally are now tied for second place with 30 points. 🙂

Sean versus Kate – obvious. And Sean thinks he will actually crush Kate. As if. Delusions of grandure.  They’re dancing Cha Cha.Sean standing and one spot gyrating, while Kate is actually using the floor. And doing the steps, with rhythm. S__? Not so much. Everyone moving except S___. This should be a no brainer.

Bruno:Actually, someone quite improved and someone else grabbed my attention but maybe not for the right reasons

CAI: Two dances is no joke. One couple both were doing cha cha, the other couple, one person was doing cha cha. Wow. Kate.

Len: I thought you both came out and danced properly, you both did a good cha cha cha (stop the drugs, Len).


CAI: Kate

Len: Kate

Bruno: Kate – so Kate gets the two bonus points.

Lauren and Hannah are up next. I predict that they’ll give Lauren the two points since she’s so far down the leaderboard and it’s unlikely to really hurt Hannah.

Salsa?? This could be rough for both ladies. Everyone else has done their dances before, neither has done Salsa??

Short take: Alan gave hard core choreography that Hannah handled very well, while Lauren struggled with over sexed choreography. But it was so fast that my impression was Hannah won that easily.

CAI: Battle of the titans. You guys both brought the A-game. Girls are in it to win it.

Len: Gleb, put your shirt on. I wish I could give you one point each because it was such fantastic.

Bruno: Southern Belles are hot. both are so sexy.

I’m predicting a split decision going to Lauren because she needs it.

CAI: Hannah

Len: Hannah

Bruno: Hannah

Okay, I was wrong. Shit’s about to get real.

NUMBERS UPDATE: This could be really ugly. If you know who isn’t in the bottom, this show is over and should probably be cancelled just due to shitty casting.

Sean vs. Lauren 2.07% 20,725
Sean vs. Kate 3.11% 31,088
Sean vs. Ally/Kel 5.18% 51,813
Sean vs. Hannah 5.70% 56,995
Sean vs. James 6.22% 62,176

As you can see, there are some fairly big numbers for S___ to overcome, with the exception of Lauren. Will be interesting to see what happens, if this is the week (finally).

Here we go….

SAFE: Sean

SAFE: Hannah

SAFE: James


SAFE: Lauren

Well, that kinda spoils my theory. But then Lauren has never been in the bottom two and the other ladies have.


CAI: (she’s confused, she shouldn’t be) ALLY

Bruno: ALLY

So, Ally is moving on, rightly so – but Kate should not be going home over you know who.  At this point, this show deserves cancellation just due to shitty casting decisions which just make it impossible to support.

So, I think your final four is likely James, Hannah, Lauren….and either S— or Kel.  Possibly Ally.  That Lauren was the second to the bottom and wasn’t in the bottom two is a sign that she’s up there with Hannah, although not as good a dancer at this point.  If Kel keeps excelling in his dances the real top four might manage to knock out S___, who can’t dance at all and shouldn’t have made it this far.